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Vacationing in Denmark is great for all shapes and sizes: great for families with kids; great for people who prefer city breaks with a cultural theme; and great for those who enjoy a physical challenge and sports. This site offers practical info and inspiration for your next holiday in Denmark.





Nature is a powerful friend in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a town with tough fishermen in overalls, white sandy beaches, and a colorful surfing culture. The town is situated on the narrow strip of land between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. 

The seaside resort Søndervig possesses both historical charm and all sorts of modern facilities with easy access to the sea and beach. This town has been nicknamed 'The gateway to the North Sea'. 

The beautiful old merchant town by Ringkøbing Fjord is the perfect vantage point for tourists who want both a busy city life with art and culture and nature experiences that are out of this world. 

Geographically, the word ‘tarm’ means a long, narrow strip of land. The town lies next to the West Jutland railway which connects the area with the rest of Denmark.

Bork Harbour is a combination of the old days and the present. In the summer, the harbour and the beach are buzzing with life.

Skjern is the second largest town in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune with its population of roughly 8,000 citizens. Skjern is situated about 7 km East of Ringkøbing Fjord. The town is named after the great river Skjern Å and its name derives from the adjective ‘skær’ which means pure.

Videbæk is a relatively new and modern town of trade and commerce where they know the value of hard work.

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful places to go on holiday in Denmark; and it is also an area that offers plenty of activities for all shapes and sizes

Holiday homes, houseboats, campsites, shelters, hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts; in Hvide Sande and the Ringkøbing Fjord area, you can choose between many types of accommodation

Staying at a hotel or an inn at the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord relaxes you and gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself. 

A houseboat is a floating holiday home. Bring your family or friends aboard a modern houseboat; here you will find everything you need for having a great vacation

See the video about nature lover Sabine guiding you around the unique West Jutland nature in Skjern Enge.

See the video featuring Arne, who sails out to the North Sea from Hvide Sande every night. 

Experience the unique charm of a small harbour

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Cozy rooms in private homes in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande - Sense the North Sea!

Experience the North Sea! 
Here by the North Sea, you feel the wind in your hair, smell the salt, feel the sand between your toes, and feel the water on your body; then you return to your holiday home refreshed with messy hair and sand between your toes. Then you have really felt the North Sea! The fresh air from the North Sea may tire you, but it is a wonderful kind of fatigue; a fatigue that makes your sleep good and healing, so that you wake up full of energy the next day. So, come and renew your energy with us, while you experience the North Sea. We are sure it will do you good and that you will enjoy yourself. 

A Soulful Destination

Part of Denmark's 7000 km long coast line lies in this area; the next door neighbour is the UK. Here, life is in unison with nature and has always depended on it. Therefore, the area has a soul which can be sensed by all who visit here. The North Sea has always been both a vast and dangerous companion, that has cost the lives of many, but which has also brought many foreign sailors to the area, due to the many shipwrecks on the coast. Many activities are connected with the North Sea, because it has been the primary source of income for a lot of people. For example, the lighthouse guided the fishermen so they could find their way back to the coast. 

Towns and Experiences

There are some interesting towns in the area; both seaside resorts, market towns, seaports, small fjord harbors, and villages, which are all unique. The locals take pride in their town and countryside, and they work hard to preserve them. In these towns, there are old trade traditions and good service is a priority. The experiences you can have in the local nature, in the water, or in your holiday home are fantastic. Also, building sand castles has become an art form; old railway tracks have become rail-cycling routes; ferries can be pulled across rivers; he wind is the strongest opponent on the bikepaths; and the fresh fish taste delicious.  

The Official Tourist Organisation



Improving our digital image:
Hvidesande.dk is the website for the official tourist organization Ringkøbing Fjord Turisme and it was in 2013 the first of a series of improvements of our digital image in Den Europæiske Socialfond. After that our interactive screens for tourists were improved - as well the appearance as the usefulness. We have right now (January 2016) 38 of these screens throughout the whole area. Therefore we welcome feedback from those who use our website and interactive screens at any time, so that we may improve them further. Destination Ringkøbing Fjord and Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune have been working on several projects concerning our beaches, urban renewal and fjord access.

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