Fresh fish from the North Sea which are cooked by chefs who respect the product and serve only the best food; this is what you will find in the high end restaurants in the Hvide Sande area. 

If you are looking for fishing equipment, you have come to the right place. The tackle shops in this area have competent staff who are ready to guide you and they offer a wide selection of brands and some good deals. 

In Hvide Sande and the surrounding area there are plenty of opportunities for going fishing

Put & Take Lakes

Father and son fishing in a put and take lake near Hvide Sande
The many beautiful lakes here are good destinations for those who want to go fishing and at the same time spend some time with the family

Put & take fishing is the perfect way for families to go fishing, so pack your picnic basket and spend a day by one of the beautiful lakes in the area. 

Put & take is the essence of family-friendly fishing where even small kids can join and catch their first fish. The lakes are open all day and there are always newly released fish – just waiting to bite! There are lots of great put and take lakes in the Ringkøbing Fjord area. Generally the closest lake is no more than 10-15 minutes away. The rainbow trout is the fish most commonly found in the lakes and it makes a delicious meal!

Great chance of success

The more experienced anglers probably dream of catching a Skjern Å Salmon or a large cod that can make the whole family full and content. For beginners it is a great experience just to catch a fish and in a put & take lake the chance of catching a big rainbow trout or brown trout is excellent. 

Put & take lakes in the Ringkøbing Fjord area

 You will rarely have to drive far to find a put & take lake in the Ringkøbing Fjord area. You can, for example, find lakes near Søndervig, Skaven, Stauning and Klegod. All members of the family are guaranteed a great experience. The beautiful put & take parks are great excursion spots for the eager angler as well as the family.  

Put & Take

Put & Take is the ideal choice when the whole family is going fishing, because even small children can join the fun and catch their first fish. 
The lakes are open all day and there are always fresh fish to catch that are ready to bite!.

There are plenty of excellent Put and Take lakes in this area. You are never more than 10-15 km away from the closest one.

In Put & Take lakes, you can catch rainbow trout which taste great.