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    Located between Ringkøbing and Herning you will find Videbæk, which is a modern town of trade an commerce and dedicated to the appreciation of art and culture - it is also a great town for going shopping. 

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    People love to feel the wind on their faces. The powerful waves can make anyone stop and wonder at the incredible light in this area, which eases the mind and sends your worries away. 

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    Hvide Sande is situated on the outmost edge of Denmark on the coast of the North Sea, which has supported the livelihood of the locals throughout the ages. Here you will find the finest sandy beaches, unique dune landscapes, cozy holiday homes, and fishing boats filled with freshly caught fish.

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    The Culinary Food Market will offer a mecca of wonderful experiences. About 40 food exhibitors will do their utmost to fill their stands with delicious and interesting delicacies to please your taste buds, eyes, and nose – and your ears, because you will be able to attend the very entertaining fish auction.

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    There are plenty of places to go shopping in this area; you can go shopping in Søndervig, Ringkøbing, Skjern, Tarm, Hvide Sande

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    You will find artists and craftsmen in almost every town in this area and there are also many galleries and shops that sell art and handicraft. Many potters, jewelists, sculptors, and woodturners have settled here and there are many both permanent and alternating exhibitions in the area. 

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    In stead of a law regulating opening hours, Denmark now has a law which gives shops the opportunity to decide their own opening hours. The only limitation is that larger shops are not allowed to be open on holidays, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve's day, and on New Years Eve's day after 3 p.m. All smaller shops are exempted from this law.

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    Enjoy the mild spring breezes and the many bright evenings at Denmark’s west coast. You can now enjoy a walk on the beach without warm coats and the sand whipping your face. It’s time for the first ice cream of the season and for drinking coffee in the busy shopping streets in the market towns.

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    Sculptor Jens Lund’s pieces have put their mark on the town Videbæk; Jens Lund was born here in 1873. Many others, both locals and visitors have helped shape this town. You can’t miss Per Arnoldi’s huge V when you enter Videbæk from the east, and Erik Peitersen’s painting ‘Outdoor’ was painted in town and is now exhibited in the local museum Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon.

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    Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions for refreshing outdoor activities in the Hvide Sande area. Even though the wind begins to bite like an irritated adder in the dunes we still recommend that you go exploring in the rough and beautiful nature by the North Sea.

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    Now, the tourists in Hvide Sande and Søndervig can log on to free WiFi.

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    Hvide Sande offers free WiFi from the northern harbour, north of the water locks, to Vestergade on the south side of town.

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    There is always something to see in the Hvide Sande area, and there is something to suit everyone's tastes and interests. The North Sea is in itself a magnificent thing to experience both on a stormy day in October and on a hot and sunny summer's day. You will be amazed at the forces of nature that are at hand here; both when the sea is roaring and wild, and when the surface of the sea is calm, beautiful and mirrorlike. 

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    Camping equals a great vacation; for all shapes and sizes. Do you love nature or do you want a big playground for the kids? You'll find just the campsite you need in this area. The lots are located close to the untamed nature, but most of them are in reasonable distance from a town or village.

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    See the video from Kabelparken in Hvide Sande featuring the local Danish Champion of wakeboarding and get his guide to Hvide Sande.

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    Videbæk is a modern commerce town, where your family will enjoy themselves, because the town works hard to make Videbæk attractive to tourists.

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    For the 7th time there will be an exhibition in the maneuvering isle beneath the water locks in Hvide Sande. The location has featured many different artists through the years; both foreign and Danish artists have exhibited paintings, photographs, installations; done workshops, treasure hunts, outdoor painting; and many other things which have impressed visitors.

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    There is a special white light here and it has always attracted artists; many artists therefore live in the area trying to catch this fine light. In the area, there are many different exhibitions and galleries, where you can experience the works of these artists. In August, there are several small and large art events, including exhibitions, concerts, workshops, and last but not least the major West Jutland event ‘The Wave’ (Bølgen) which will open on the 18th of August in Hvide Sande and last until the 19th of October.

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    North Sea Tri is a triathlon in the middle of the rough West Jutland countryside. The waves, the sand, and the heath are challenges to overcome here. This competition will put your physical fitness to the test in the components swimming, cycling, and running.

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    The North Sea Tri, including start, fisnish, and transition zones, takes place in the heart of Hvide Sande. 

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    In the shops in Hvide Sande, you will find jewellery, clothes, toys, sports equipment and much more.

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    Freshly caught fish, big steaks, and traditional Danish dishes; you will find all these in this area. Everyone can find a restaurant to their taste here, and that goes for both adults and children; for those who have a big budget and those who have a tight one. This area has family restaurants, hotel restaurants, cafés, and gourmet restaurants.

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    In Hvide Sande we always try to assist people with having a great holiday. Therefore we have placed 23 interactive screens with tourist information and the possibility of getting help from a member of our staff throughout the area. Here is a list of all the interactive tourist offices in Videbæk 

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    For us, it is essential that the entire area around Ringkøbing Fjord is a ’holiday destination for all shapes and sizes’. That means that disabled people can spend their vacation here without major difficulties or inconveniences. If you have a walking impairment, or are dependent of a wheelchair, and visit the area around Ringkøbing Fjord, you’ll have access to a great variety of practical aid, which makes it easier to move around freely.   

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    The Hvide Sande area is any angler’s wet dream. There’s water everywhere and therefore also a lot of species of fish. For example, have a go at the Skjern Å Salmon, the giant monkfish in the North Sea, or the massive numbers of herring that travel to the water locks in Hvide Sande to spawn each spring.

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    If you like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or SUP, the Hvide Sande area is true paradise.

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    Skjern is, with its roughly 8000 citizens, the second largest town in the Ringkøbing Skjern municipality. This town is located about seven km east of Ringkøbing Fjord and it is named after the river Skjern Å. Skjern is Denmark’s newest market town and the local traders and business owners remain a vital part of this town’s life.

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    Søndervig is one of the most popular holiday destinations by the North Sea; with its location right on the coastline, close to the fjord, and in the midst of the unique dune landscape there is every chance to have a great vacation here.

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    Hvide Sande was built around the water locks which therefore play a central part in the town’s history. There are actually two water locks in Hvide Sande: one that lets ships sail to and from Ringkøbing Fjord, and one that controls the water levels in the fjord.

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    Visitors to Hvide Sande can’t miss the impressive windmills standing right by the North Sea. These three giants are the result of a local initiative which has placed Hvide Sande on the world map.

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    When Hvide Sande Masterclass is held on 11-22 September, students from 11 different countries will give 17 classical concerts in Mid and West Jutland. Hvide Sande Masterclass (HSMC) is an international training camp for talented, young musicians, who play the piano, violin, or any kind of classical music instrument in music academies either in Denmark or abroad. Apart from daily lessons in Hvide Sande, which by the way is free of charge for the public, once again 33 musicians will give concerts showing their skills.

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    Denmark’s biggest angling competition and the unofficial world championship in herring fishing. 29. – 30. april & 1. may 2016

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    Find lots of inspiration for your autumn holiday in Hvide Sande. Outside, the golden red leaves are falling from the skies, the days are becoming shorter, and we begin to wear thick winter coats and scarfs. Those are signs that autumn has come in Denmark and that’s great!

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    When winter is upon the North Sea coast line put on a hat and mittens and go to the beach and experiences the overwhelming forces of the North Sea. Afterwards the comfort and warmth of your holiday home or campsite along with a hot drink await you.

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    On a bicycle, it’s easy to get around and experience the unique nature by the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord.

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    Grocery stores in Hvide Sande

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    Whatever your purpose in town, so there is always an abundance of parking in Hvide Sande. Below is a list of all the possibilities

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    Learn about the educational and cultural experiences at Hvide Sande in this Top 5. We recommend both local museums and a farm shop in the middle of the dunes by the North Sea. 

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    Forget all you know about art and culture. Everything will be upside down in Hvide Sande when Shock Wave floods the city Sunday the 18th of August at 1pm. In three large stages and five scene-rooms you can experience things that are shocking. Those that expect lounge music, hotdogs, and relaxation are in for a surprice! Last but not least, it’s free of charge!

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    The harbour in Hvide Sande is the DNA of the town and fishing is its soul. However, 2013 offers much more than filled fishing nets and pipe-smoking fishermen in their overalls; the offshore windmill industry is one of the harbour’s new endeavors which will secure future development and expansions.

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    When you need to know where to get car service; safety precautions at the beach; or where to find the nearest vet ...  At this site you will find all sorts of practical information, but if you need any further assistance, you are always welcome to contact the tourist office in Hvide Sande.

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    If you dream of getting married in Hvide Sande it is not an impossibility. However, there are a few things you should be aware of and prepare for if you would like to get married here.

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    The harbour in Hvide Sande was built around the great water locks which were built in 1931. The fishing industry and the building of fishing boats were the most important industries in the area for many years. Today many specially designed and special-purpose ships are built in Hvide Sande.

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    In 2000 we started a new tradition by the North Sea: a marathon on the beach along the sea. The marathon is already a classic and it is the only one that takes place on sand. The marathon stretches between Vejers and Hvide Sande. This year the runners start in Vejers and finish in Hvide Sande. This means that the half marathon starts in Nymindegab and that the 5 and 10 km runners begin and finish in Hvide Sande. 

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    Feel free to use our interactive screens and get the information you need. You can also contact us from the screens by pressing the button that says 'Call service phone' in the lower right corner.

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    See, touch, and taste history on Denmark's west coast in May: In Hvide Sande, dried fish hang on strings in the gardens, the reminders of old customs and the hard life by the roaring North Sea; at Bork Vikingehavn the Viking Age comes to life in May during two festive days of educational events and dramatic battles.

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    Here a list for you of the top ten beaches in Hvide Sande. Five are on the North Sea coast and five are at Ringkøbing Fjord. We recommend the beaches with lifeguards present, which are located in Hvide Sande and Søndervig.

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