Ringkøbing - 10 must-sees | Ringkøbing Fjord

9 must-sees in Ringkøbing

1. Ringkøbing Church

in the centre of town at Kirkepladsen. The church was built in stages, the oldest part originating in the 15th century. The church tower was added later; probably between 1525 and 1550. This tower is distinctive because it's wider in the top than in the bottom. Other special features include the beautiful modern altar and baptismal font. 

2. The old merchant's mansion

'Købmand Harpøths Gård' in Østergade. Grocer Jens Harpøth was one of the true originals in Ringkøbing and there are many stories about this peculiar gentleman. He dressed like a very poor man and was denied access to several hotels around Denmark, even though he was very wealthy. There is a sign on his building in Østergade where you can see the remains of his old merchant's mansion.

3. Survival of the Fattest 

a sculpture by Jens Galschiødt from 2002. This very provoking sculpture of a worn down African man carrying a huge obese white woman with a balance in her hand, symbolizing the uneven distribution of the world's resources. There are several versions of this sculpture and one of them stands in Ringkøbing.

4. The whitefish 

is a fish species, which can be found in Ringkøbing Fjord. It is smoked and eaten, as "Røget Helt", with your fingers on rye bread with a cold beer on the side. There is a sculpture of the fish made by Henrik Voldmester at the harbour in Ringkøbing.

5. Mylius Erichsen

the Greenland explorer who was born in Ringkøbing – you will find a statue of him on the plaza in front of Ringkøbing Museum.

6. A great beach for kids

by Sorte Bakker with a brand new and very long bathing jetty at Ringkøbing Fjord.

7. The Indian village at Ringkøbing's harbour  

is the name of the old charming fishing huts at Ringkøbing Harbour and is definitely worth a visit. 

8. Mountain bike trail in a dog-friendly forest

The trail is beginner-friendly and has clearly marked trails for mountain bikers. The trail is located in beautiful surroundings in a dog-friendly forest with tables, benches and barbecues for general use.

9. Hotel Ringkøbing 

is, except for the church, the oldest building in town, and dates back to the year 1600. The hotel used to be a merchant's mansion with buildings along Vestergade; however it has served as a hotel since 1833 and is one of the oldest hotels in Denmark.

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