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The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

The North is often connected with nature, light, the bright nights and the sea and this is often expressed in art, music, and design.

Hvide Sande and the 30 km long strip of land called Holmsland Klit is flanked by the fjord on one side and the sea on the other side. The water and the white dunes and beaches reflect the light in many directions and create a particularly soft and bright atmosphere. Combined with the raw and wild forces of nature that the western winds and the roaring waves are, this is an almost magical thing to experience.  

For artists, this special light has been a great source of inspiration throughout the ages. Nymindegab, which is located just south of Holmsland Klit, was an artist colony in the 19th century, where they studied the magical light at the fjord, the sea, and the dunes. 

There are also special phenomenon like Morild, which is a light phenomenon that is often seen when the waves hit the beaches or piers; Morild is created by light-producing algae that are stimulated by movement. The light is produced by a chemical reaction where the matter luciferine reacts with oxygen and produces bioluminescence. If you are lucky you can collect some of these algae in a jar and provoke the light production by stirring the water with a spoon. Morild can be seen both day and night, all year round, but it is most common late in the summer. 

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