Cycling path from Bork Harbour to river of Skjern

The Bike Path from Bork Harbour

In 2013, the new bike path along the fjord from Bork Havn to Skjern Å was laid; this bike path runs undisturbed through beutiful and varied scenery in the serene landscape by the fjord, which is visible from most points along the way.

The path is about 15 km long and starts at the harbour administration office at Bork Havn; it follows the 1 km long ’heart’ path and trails by five stations with excercise equipment; it continues to the cosy harbour of Hemmet which features small fishing cabins, and on to the holiday home area around Hemmet Strand.

From there, the path continues and just before it reaches the holiday home area at Skaven Strand, it crosses a small bridge and passes by the harbour and restaurant in Skaven.

The trail continues past a small cluster of old, small, and cosy fishing cabins and at one point you enter a farm area with sheep, where you cross a beautiful new wooden bridge to enter an area with wild horses, then the trip continues to the banks of Skjern Å.

Here you will find the first of two rope ferries where you can bring your bike across the river and continue to the second rope ferry.

When you arrive at the pumping station, you can climb the spiral staircase and enjoy the view of the area; among others, you can see Lønborg Kirke, Lønborggård, and a large part of Skjern Enge and Ringkøbing from here.

You can then bike on towards the fjord where you, after a while, continue into the sheep fold, before you reach a small forest. There’s a bird watching tower here with a great view of the fjord. Finally the path trails on about 100 metres towards the fjord where you reach the end of the path.

On your way back you can continue from the pumping station along a canal to Skjern to see King Hans’es bridge, or you can turn right towards Lønborg where there’s a large lake with another bird watching tower and then continue to the church at Lønborg Banke to enjoy the wonderful views there. Finally, the path continues to Lønborggård where there’s yet another bird watching tower overlooking the area and its wildlife.

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