Experience Bork Harbour and Ringkøbing Fjord | Denmark

Bork Harbour

Parents can easily bring their small children and teenagers to Bork Havn. Here are sandy beaches for little beach boys; calm, low waters for little swimmers; and the best conditions and facilities for young surfers.

Here you can also go sailing on the fjord and go fishing; experience the music festival and the viking activities; minigolf course and enjoy a meal at one of the town's restaurants. Also, nature in this area is unique to Denmark and it makes Bork Harbour one of the most popular destinations at the North Sea's coast line in Denmark. Here are great beaches, excellent conditions for surfers, many types of accommodation, and an open-air viking harbour museum.

Everybody will enjoy themselves in Bork.

A View of Tipperne

From Bork Harbour, you have a great view of one of Europe's most important bird sanctuaries where thousands of migrating birds make a stop before they continue on to their breeding grounds in Svalbard.

Farthest out on the Tipperne peninsula access is limited but there's full access to Værnengene all year round. No matter when you go, you will be surprised at the amount of birds that live here. 


Windsurfing lessons at Bork Harbour

Kids Love Bork

The most important members of the family will love it here

The charming Bork Harbour offers activities for the whole family

The Charming Bork Harbour has it all

Fun at the beach, water sports, and a busy harbour - Bork has it all ...

Places to eat in Bork

Dining Out at Bork Harbour

Enjoy a meal at Bork Harbour

The Viking Mikkel in Bork Viking Harbour

A Viking Enthusiast Gives a Tour around Bork Viking Harbour

Experience a red-bearded Viking enthusiast telling stories about the Viking Age and Bork Viking Harbour.  

The Viking Harbour at Bork

War Cries and Weaponry at Bork's Viking Harbour

The vikings lived in Denmark around the year 1000 

Fishing at Bork Harbour

Fishing at Bork Harbour

Remember to bring your fishing rod and gear

Good surfspots

4 great Surf Spots at Ringkøbing Fjord

Let this surfing expert guide you to the best surf spots at Ringkøbing Fjord. 

Nymindegab Museum

Nymindegab Museum

In Nymindegab Museum's exhibition you can see how people at the North Sea's coast lived, worked, traded, and hunted a century ago

Cycling path from Bork Harbor

In 2013, the new cycling path along the Ringkøbing Fjord from Bork Harbor to the river Skjern was established, the path runs through a beautiful and varied nature in the quiet landscape.

Experience Bork

Bork Harbour is a miniature society which fulfills most people's dreams of what a holiday should be like. There are many types of accommodation here; for example, try one of the houseboats which are decorated in a modern style. The cafés and the kid-friendly restaurants lie side by side with grocery stores, arts & crafts shops, and surf shops. If your kids want to find new playmates, they have a good chance to find some at the town's playground.

The popular open-air museum Bork Viking Harbour stimulates the imagination when vikings engage in all sorts of activities throughout the summer. 
Finally, you can enjoy the area's wonderful nature such as Skjern Enge (meadows) and the bird sanctuary Tipperne. 

The lunch house

You can borrow the key to the oldest house at the harbour ”Det gule hus” by Feriepartner Bork Havn Kirkehøjvej 17. You pay a deposit of DKK 200.00, which is refundable on the condition that the house is clean and tidy when you leave.

In the house you will find tables, chairs and toilets with changing table and kitchenette.

Feriepartner Bork Havn is open weekdays from 9-16

Weekends: see opening hours on the door.