The fjord harbours by Ringkøbing Fjord | Fjord harbours with charm

The Charming Little Fjord Harbours

The fjord harbours on the coast of Ringkøbing Fjord are charming little havens. Here, anglers, yachters, and local fishermen can enjoy a cup of coffee and have a chat. 

Visitors are welcome and in some of the harbours there are facilities like playgrounds, tables and benches, fireplaces, and shelters. 

In the idyllic small harbours, you can let peace come to while the water and time drift by.

The Fjord Harbours Are Little Havens

Stauning Harbour hasn't changed much with its small fishing boats, dinghys, and yachts that are anchored along the wharf, and barges that lie side by side on the bank. A row of old fishing huts makes the harbour a beautiful and unique place and a great location for the annual Jazz Festival. 

The harbour and the area around Skaven Strand has been gentily restored; with the utmost respect for the fjord's milieu. Here is a child-friendly beach, a playground, a fishing lake, a miniature golf course, and much more. 

Lyngvig Harbour is a charming little harbour where time almost stands still. Mainly local fishermen and yachters come here. 

Fishing Boat in Stauning Harbour

Stauning Harbour - Jazz and Whiskey

Stauning has the most idyllic little fjord harbour where small fishing boats, hunting boats, and miniature yatchs are anchored side by side; Stauning also arranges its own little Jazz Festival each year in August

Skaven Strand Harbour

Skaven Strand Harbour

Skaven Strand is both an authentic fjord harbour and a modern holiday destination

Lyngvig Harbour

Lyngvig Harbour

There are also fjord harbours on the west side of the fjord


Tyskerhavnen (The German Harbour)

Tyskerhavnen in Hvide Sande is an idyllic place where time stood still and where artists and tourists in houseboats mix with local fishermen.

The charming Bork Harbour offers activities for the whole family

The Charming Bork Harbour has it all

Fun at the beach, water sports, and a busy harbour - Bork has it all ...