The 7 pieces of bathing advice | Safety by the North Sea

The 7 Pieces of Advice on Swimming

Learn these 7 pieces of swimming advice by heart to make sure that you have a safe and relaxing day by the North Sea.

1. Check where the nearest rescue post is and read the instructions before you begin your day on the beach or go swimming.

2. Make a note of the number of the path you took through the dunes to get to the beach.

3. Never go swimming in bad weather, and never go swimming alone, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. Even when the weather is nice, the undercurrents can be dangerous; therefore you should never go swimming with beach toys, air matresses, dinghies, and the like; the currents can bring them far out to sea.

5. Because of the undercurrents, your children should be attached to a safetyline when swimming.

6. Never go in deeper than your waistline and always swim parallel to the coast.

7. Keep your mobile phone within reach on the beach just in case so that you can call 112 emergency if needed.

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Lifeguards at the Beach

There are lifeguards present at the beach in Hvide Sande and at the beach next to the road Badevej in Søndervig. The lifeguards are present from 29.6. – 22.8.2018.

Contact the police

Contact the Police

If you need to contact the police during your holiday, read this