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Cycling for Kids

When everyone, including those with 'short legs', can join the fun

The bicycle path along the western coast line is a beautiful nature path that follows the row of dunes from Søndervig, passing Hvide Sande and on to Nymindegab, and it is a great choice when the whole family is going on a cycling trip. Note that the path follows or crosses small paths to holiday homes at several points along the route.

The distance between Hvide Sande and the lighthouse Lyngvig Fyr to the north is about 6 km. You only have to cross one minor holiday home road on that stretch and it is a relaxing and short trip that can be combined with a visit to the lighthouse, which has a fantastic view from its top. In the lighthouse keeper's house, situated next to the lighthouse, there is often an art exhibition or some sort of social gathering. It is also possible to buy snacks and drinks there.

If you travel south from Hvide Sande, you reach the farm Abeline's Gaard after about 5 km. Here you can feel the mood at the old beach manager farm, where Abeline's rooms remain as unchanged as though she has just left them. Go on a treasure hunt; try out old games; or enjoy a cup of coffee in the coffee room. Meet sheep and chickens and see the vegetable garden and the old coast-guard station.

It is also possible to use the asphalted bike paths along the roads; for exampel the bike path between the northern part of Hvide Sande at Parallelvej and Søndervig; or between Søndervig and Ringkøbing. These routes are so short that children can easily manage the distance. Finally, you can also choose the gravelled bike path Fjordstien between Søndervig and Ringkøbing. On this bike path there is a chance to find a cosy spot where you can enjoy your lunch or maybe go for a swim in the fjord.

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Cycling routes for children

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