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The Crock in Skjern

Christian Jensen had, according to those day's standards, an exciting life, but being a proud and stubborn old West Jutlander he decided that its end should be meager and free of decadence.

Christian Jensen was born on 13th May 1822 in Brahetrolleborg in Fyn. After working as a lieutenant in the navy during the Three-Years-War in 1848 to 1851, he travelled to Liverpool to work as a ship builder. 

In Liverpool, he was married, had children, and made a lot of money; compared to the norm back then.  
When his wife died, he travelled back to Denmark and settled at the railway station in Skjern, where he rented a room and built a garden hut which he named ”Captain Jürgensens Minde” in memory of a close friend. 

Christian Jensen died on 31st March 1895, when he was about 73 years old. He left a letter behind which said: 'I want my funeral to be as meager as possible. The epitaph should only say: 'Here rests the crock of Christian Jensen''.

Christian Jensen got what he wanted and the gravestone is so unusual that the church in Skjern decided to make it a protected burial plot and to pay for all future maintenance. 

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