Cycling holidays in Hvide Sande | Experience the beautiful nature close up

Cycling Holidays at Ringkøbing Fjord

On a bicycle, it’s easy to get around and experience the unique nature by the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. Here, you’ll encounter everything from dunes, heaths, meadows, and fjords, to a rich and versatile bird habitat. There isn’t a more beautiful bicycle route anywhere else in Denmark.

You might encounter headwind on the local bike paths, but we promise you that the landscape welcomes cycling and that there is plenty of opportunities for adventure along the way. In Hvide Sande, both those who enjoy the luxuries of life, young surfers, girlfriends on a weekend outing, families with children, and experienced anglers will enjoy themselves. Explore Denmark’s west coast with the wind in your hair and a firm grip on your handlebars.

A Cycling Tour along the Fjords

The Northern Fjords - 75 km

A cycling tour in the fjord landscape around Vest Stadil Fjord and Stadil Fjord is excellent for bird watching; thousands of birds eat and rest here on their way to Svalbard

Cycling path from Bork Harbor

In 2013, the new cycling path along the Ringkøbing Fjord from Bork Harbor to the river Skjern was established, the path runs through a beautiful and varied nature in the quiet landscape.

Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

The area around Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing Fjord is perfect for cycling tours.

A Cycling Holiday by the North Sea

The cycling routes along the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord differ greatly. Discover Jutland from a bicycle. 

Mountain Bike routes:
Femhøjesande Plantage
Momhøje Naturcenter

For example, the town Hvide Sande has two coastlines; Ringkøbing Fjord lies on one side and the North Sea is situated on the other side.

This unique landscape offers new adventures every day.

The Birds Fjord
Between Sea and Fjord

Cycling for Kids

Cycling for Kids

A bicycle trip where everyone can join in; both children and grandparents.

A Holiday Home by the North Sea

Accommodation by the North Sea

Holiday homes, houseboats, campsites, shelters, hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts; in Hvide Sande and the Ringkøbing Fjord area, you can choose between many types of accommodation

Denmark's oldest cyclepath - 9 km

Denmark's Oldest Bike Path - 9 km

Denmark's oldest bike path between Ringkøbing and Søndervig trails along beautiful nature scenery and is a very relaxing route to take; just like the old days

Bicycle rental in the area

Rent a Bicycle Here

There are plenty of bicycles to rent in the area around Hvide Sande

Along the North Sea

Along the North Sea

Stimulate all your senses; taste, smell, observe and experience the route along the western coast line.

Cycling around the Ringkøbing Fjord

Around Ringkøbing Fjord - 110 km

Around the Fjord is a cycling route for experienced cyclists; but it also offers some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in Denmark

Trip to the forest

A Trip to the Forest - 90 km

The trip to the forest offers a route sheltered from the wind; the plantations provide the primary lee

The Dejbjerg route

The Dejbjerg Route - 69 km

The Dejbjerg route trails through small villages; past farms and cosy miniature societies with remnants of earlier dwellings.

The heath route

The Heath Route - 126 km

The heath route is very long and travels through a wonderfully varied landscape with soft wavy hills and sandy soil which are all part of the hill-islands that were created during the latest ice age