Experience the Danish West Coast | Hvidesande

Experience the Danish West Coast

It will surprise you how diverse nature is in Hvide Sande and the Danish west coast in general. Here, you will find dunes, beach meadows, heaths, luscious riverdales, and cultivated farmland. This variation provides excellent conditions for a multitude of wildlife and plants; in particular, the thousands of migratory birds that rest and feed here in Skjern Enge, Tipperne peninsula, and the area surrounding Vest Stadil Fjord.

This diversity means a unique opportunity for you to experience many different types of nature each day of your vacation. Experience the aromas and the tranquillity by the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord on bicycle, horseback, or with your ready walking stick.

Outdoor expert Sabine Jensen in Skjern Enge

Meet Nature Lover Sabine at Skjern Enge

See the video about nature lover Sabine guiding you around the unique West Jutland nature in Skjern Enge.

Nature activities along the river Skjern Å

Activities by the River Skjern Å

A nature area like Skjern Enge can keep anyone interested in nature busy for days

Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

The area around Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing Fjord is perfect for cycling tours.

The Panoramic Views at Vest Stadil Fjord

The Birds land at Stadil Fjord

Vest Stadil Fjord and Stadil Fjord used to be a joint fjord with access to the North Sea. Today the area consists of two freshwater lakes that support a rich bird life 

The Areas Tipperne and Værnengene

The Largest Bird Habitat in Northern Europe

The great beach-meadows that stretch like a peninsula into the southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord is a protected area of international importance.

Restoring nature

Restoring Nature at Skjern Enge

The river Skjern Å has seen both the biggest drainage project and the greatest nature restoration project in Danish history

Momhøje Naturcenter

Camp Out at Momhøje Naturcenter

Momhøje Naturcenter offers lots of nature experiences and challenging activities for all family members; also the little ones in their strollers.

Bell Heather at Lønborg Heath

The Lønborg Heath

A beautiful and authentic nature awaits you at Lønborg Heath.

The heath - a gift from Stone Age farmers

The Danish Heath

The sandy areas around Ringkøbing Fjord provide very special conditions for man, animals and plants

The North Sea from Vederso Klit

The Area Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful places to go on holiday in Denmark; and it is also an area that offers plenty of activities for all shapes and sizes

Traces of history at Dejbjerg Heath

Historical Remnants at Dejbjerg Heath

North east of the village of Dejbjerg you will find the most beautiful heaths and woodlands filled with traces of settlement in this area through the last 2000 years.

Camping and cabins

Camping and Cabins

The many campsites welcome you to the woods, the fjord, the rivers, and the North Sea

The dam Bagges Dæmning

The Dam Bagges Dæmning

An ambitious plan to create more farmland and a road across Ringkøbing Fjord has today resulted in a unique nature area 

The Dunes along the North Sea

The Dunes along the North Sea

Experiencing the dunes is what makes a holiday by the North Sea a unique experience