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A Family Vacation in a Holiday Home

A Family Vacation in a Holiday Home

The best thing about staying in a holiday home is that everybody can relax and do their own thing; and at the same time spend time with the family. Maybe the teenagers want to walk around in their underwear all day while mom enjoys waking up at seven and going for a morning swim in the North Sea.

When the whole family is gathered in a holiday home, you have a unique chance of doing all the things together that you don't have time for in your everyday life; you can enjoy all your meals together and on a rainy day you can sit indoors and play boardgames, sing songs, and tell stories. 

Summer holiday

Maybe your children would like to build a kite while mom finishes her crime stories and dad finishes his design of the family garden back home. The important thing is that the family is spending time together even though they're engaging in different activities. That's what is so great about vacationing in a holiday home

Close to The North Sea 

You can always pack a lunch and go for a drive or a cycling trip; you don't have to go to amusement parks and water parks every time you go on a family outing. How about a trip to the lighthouse Lyngvig Fyr where you have to climb 228 steps to get to the top? Up there you can walk all the way round and enjoy the view of both the sea and the fjord. 


You mustn't cheat yourself of a trip to Skjern Enge, which offers wonderful nature experiences; here there are bird watching towers, nature centres with info about the area, and rope pulled ferries that function in the same way they did a hundred years ago, when farmers needed to bring their livestock across the river. 

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