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The Hvide Sande area is any angler’s wet dream. There’s water everywhere and therefore also a lot of species of fish. For example, have a go at the Skjern Å Salmon, the giant monkfish in the North Sea, or the massive numbers of herring that travel to the water locks in Hvide Sande to spawn each spring.

No matter whether you are wet behind the ears or practically an old seadog, the Ringkøbing Fjord area is guaranteed to have the perfect fishing spot for you. Within a short distance you will find both The North Sea, Ringkøbing Fjord, the river Skjern Å, and put & take lakes to fish. And please remember: the best fishing gear gives you the advantage! If you forgot your fishing pole and bait, there are plenty of well-assorted tackle shops in Ringkøbing, Tarm, Skjern, and Hvide Sande.

Fishing at Ringkøbing Fjord

Hvide Sande Sportfisker Center

Hvide Sande Sportsfischer Center

Every year, more than 300,000 visit the fishing spots around Ringkøbing Fjord.

Sea fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

There are plenty of fish in the sea

Fishing in the Ringkøbing Fjord

Fishing in Ringkøbing Fjord

The waves won't overwhelm you here

The River Skjern Å

The River Skjern Å

Skjern Å is the river with the largest body of water in Denmark

Put & Take lakes

Put & Take Lakes

A catch is almost guaranteed!

Fischerman from Hvide Sande

Meet Fisherman Arne on the North Sea

See the video featuring Arne, who sails out to the North Sea from Hvide Sande every night. 

Fishing bait and tackle shops

Fishing Bait and Tackle Shops

If you are looking for fishing equipment, you have come to the right place. The tackle shops in this area have competent staff who are ready to guide you and they offer a wide selection of brands and some good deals. 

Sea food shops

Seafood Shops

The local seafood shops offer a multitude of delicious fish.

Nice sea food restaurants

Sea Food Restaurants

Fresh fish from the North Sea which are cooked by chefs who respect the product and serve only the best food; this is what you will find in the high end restaurants in the Hvide Sande area.