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The Forces of Nature mixed with Town Charm

People love to feel the wind on their faces. The powerful waves can make anyone stop and wonder at the incredible light in this area, which eases the mind and sends your worries away. 
Sometimes people prefer the luxury of going to a nice restaurant, going shopping, or appreciating fine art in museums, and, last but not least, people enjoy meeting the locals and to hear their stories

In the area around Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing Fjord there are a series of large and small towns situated like pearls on a string around the fjord; each town has its own unique atmosphere and they all offer plenty of opportunities for experiencing cultural events and for going shopping. 

Hvide Sande has Plenty of Raw Charm

Hvide Sande is an authentic fishing town located where the fjord meets the sea; where blue fishing boats and large shipyards mix with small charming shops and restaurants. 


The area has a raw, but charming quality to it, and this atmosphere is unique to Hvide Sande. 

Just north and south of the town are the most beautiful, wide, sandy beaches, where you can surf or swim, and close to these beaches many cozy holiday homes lie hidden in the dunes. 

Ships in Hvide Sande Habour

Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a town with fishermen in overalls, white sandy beaches and surfing culture.

Stories from the Harbour

Stories from the Harbour in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande harbour is Denmark's fifth largest industrial fishing harbour

Maja – a three mastet schooner

Maja; the Topgallant Sailing Schooner

A three mastet schooner in Hvide Sande harbour

Søndervig is a Vibrant Seaside Resort

Søndervig is the town with the easiest access to the North Sea in this area. That is why it has been a seaside resort for many years and why its citizens go that extra mile to make tourists feel welcome. 

The local business owners know how to fulfill people's needs, no matter if you're going shopping, eating out, going for a cup of coffee in a café, or getting treated to a bit of wellness at the local spa; this town has it all. 

In the beginning of June, the international sand sculpture festival opens in Søndervig. The fantastic constructions can be seen until the end of October.  

Just outside of Søndervig there is a large golf course and plenty of beatiful and unique holiday homes, that you can rent from a holiday home distributor. 

The beach in Søndervig


'The gateway to the North Sea' Søndervig 

Guests in Søndervig

Søndervig Then and Now

In the old days, Søndervig's luxury seaside hotels were a luxury reserved for the upper classes 

The beach by Søndervig

The Gateway to the North Sea

Søndervigs history as a seaside resort stretches back more than a hundred years to the times when only the upper classes could afford the luxury of vacationing at a seaside resort. 

Ringkøbing is a Beautiful Place to Go Shopping

Ringkøbing is a miniature city. There are plenty of wonderful shops, beautiful houses, and interesting works of art in this town. 


Go to the town square and find a spot in the sun. Look around and see how life is lived on a summer day in one of the most beautiful market towns in Denmark. 

Or you could go to the harbour and enjoy the atmosphere among the fishermen and the yachters. Here you will find a special harbour for custom made dinghies that are built in accordance with old traditions. 

In the outskirts of Ringkøbing you can visit one of the big supermarkets and warehouses with groceries, furniture, cars, office supplies, building materials, and so forth.  

People shopping in Ringkøbing


The beautiful old merchant town by Ringkøbing Fjord

Shopping in Ringkøbing

Shopping in Ringkøbing

Shop till you drop

The Plesner town

The 'Plesner' Town

The town with the red-brick houses, tiled roofs, and white cornices

Bork Harbour - Great for Family Outings and Water Sports

Many families return to Bork year after year for their holiday. That is because this town is great for families; it offers a wonderful shallow-watered beach, a playground, and viking activities

On the harbour itself, there is a charming little shopping street called Bryggen, where there is a café and a restaurant. 

Conditions for surfing are also excellent here for both beginners and experienced surfers. Finally, Bork is close to some of Denmark's finest nature like the Tipperne peninsula and the meadows Skjern Enge

It's easy to find accommodation here; among others, there is a row of houseboats in one end of the harbour, and there is a holiday resort with free access to a small water park with a spa and a turkish bath. 

The harbour in Bork

Bork Harbour

Bork Harbour is a combination of the old days and the present. In the summer, the harbour and the beach are buzzing with life.

The Viking Harbour at Bork

War Cries and Weaponry at Bork's Viking Harbour

The vikings lived in Denmark around the year 1000 

Windsurfing lessons at Bork Harbour

Kids Love Bork

The most important members of the family will love it here

East of Ringkøbing Fjord

On the eastern side of the fjord there are many little jewels of towns and villages, that you shouldn't cheat yourself out of experiencing, such as the small, charming fjord harbours, on a warm summer day. Also the towns Skjern and Tarm, which lie opposite eachother on the banks of the river Skjern Å, are worth seeing.


Furthest to the east is Videbæk, which is a busy trade and commerce town and has one of the country's most beautiful art museums

Yachts in Ringkøbing Fjord

The Little Fjord Harbours

Experience the unique charm of a small harbour



The town on the heath

Sculpture in Tarm

Tarm – A School Town with a Railway Station

Geographically, the word ‘tarm’ means a long, narrow strip of land. The town lies next to the West Jutland railway which connects the area with the rest of Denmark.

The old mill in Skjern

Skjern – A West Jutland Railway Town

Skjern is the second largest town in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune with its population of roughly 8,000 citizens. Skjern is situated about 7 km East of Ringkøbing Fjord. The town is named after the great river Skjern Å and its name derives from the adjective ‘skær’ which means pure.

The North Sea from Vederso Klit

The Area Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful places to go on holiday in Denmark; and it is also an area that offers plenty of activities for all shapes and sizes