Stories from life at the Northern Sea | Ringkøbing Fjord

Stories from the North Sea

Not so long ago, people in this area lived in small communities along the North Sea; the fishing industry sustained these small communities. Living here was often dangerous because the risk of drowning was always present. 

Fear has been the central theme of the many stories about drownings, premonitions, superstitions, and unexplained phenomena. These stories became better and better through the ages. For example there is a story that beach managers had premonitions about how many people would drown in ship wrecks by counting 'invisible' coffins on their farms! 

The Dead Man Dunes (Dødemandsklitterne)

The Dead Man Dunes

The name "Dead Man Dunes" or in Danish ”dødemandsbjerge” came into being because many foreign sailors, that drowned in ship wrecks off the west coast of Denmark, were buried in the dunes in a form of mass graves. 

The dune farms

The Dune Farms

The Ringkøbing area and Holmsland Klit especially are characterized by a very particular and special building culture. The most common traits are red bricks; white painted doors, gates, and muntined windows; and half moon shaped thatched roofs; these traits are most visible in the old dune farms, which signalled that the owners were wealthy and high up.

The Best Stories

We have gathered a series af stories about the hard life at the North Sea, where the forces of nature have had a crucial influence on life and death.  

If you know any stories that we didn't include on this site, you are very welcome to contact us. 

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The Generous Poet-Pastor Kaj Munk

The Generous Poet-Pastor Kaj Munk

Read about the famous Danish writer and pastor who lived most of his life in Vedersø.

Sand migration

Sand Migration

Sand migration occurs when sand and loose soil is moved with the wind in great quantities in connection with a lack of protective vegetation. Sand migration occurs all around the globe and in some places it results in the creation of deserts 

The Whore in Ny Sogn Cemetary

In the village of Kloster between Ringkøbing and Søndervig, there is a gravestone in the local cemetary which reads 'The Whore Anne Marie Seier' 

The crock in Skjern

The Crock in Skjern

In Skjern cemetary there is a special grave with the following inscription: 

Her ligger skroget af
Christian Jensen
Fhv. officer Liverpool.

This translates into:

Here lies the crock of
Christian Jensen,
former officer in Liverpool.

Sea marks

Sea Marks

Sea marks are marks or symbols which have been placed to guide ships. They were used as navigational guides before modern navigational equipment became available

The Search and Rescue in Vedersø

The Search and Rescue in Vedersø

Being a member of the Search and Rescue on the North Sea coast was a hard but honourable job.

Former Hotel Vedersø Klit

Former Hotel Vedersø

The old seaside resort at Vedersø has been the favourite destination for joyous summer guests by the North Sea for many years.

Lives at stake

Lives at Stake

It has always been a dangerous job to be a fisherman. Perhaps even more so in the old days because the fishing boats in our days are equipped with all sorts of technical instruments and warning systems to prevent fishermen from going out to sea in bad weather