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Vacationing in Denmark is ideal for families with kids; great for people who prefer city breaks with a cultural theme; and for those who enjoy a physical challenge and sports. This site offers practical info and inspiration for your next holiday in Denmark.




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The river Skjern Å

The River Skjern Å

The wetlands Skjern Enge is Denmark's only river delta. This area feeds and shelters thousands of birds when they migrate to and from their breeding grounds in the north.

Nature centres at the river Skjern Å

Nature Centers at the River Skjern Å

Learn more about Skjern Enge here

The harbour in Bork

Bork Harbour

Bork Harbour is a combination of the old days and the present. In the summer, the harbour and the beach are buzzing with life.

The old mill in Skjern

Skjern – A West Jutland Railway Town

Skjern is the second largest town in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune with its population of roughly 8,000 citizens. Skjern is situated about 7 km East of Ringkøbing Fjord. The town is named after the great river Skjern Å and its name derives from the adjective ‘skær’ which means pure.

Sculpture in Videbæk

Videbæk - the Town on the Jutland Heath

Videbæk is a relatively new and modern town of trade and commerce where they know the value of hard work.

Sculpture in Tarm

Tarm – A School Town with a Railway Station

Geographically, the word ‘tarm’ means a long, narrow strip of land. The town lies next to the West Jutland railway which connects the area with the rest of Denmark.

The North Sea from Vederso Klit

The Area Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful places to go on holiday in Denmark; and it is also an area that offers plenty of activities for all shapes and sizes

Yachts in Ringkøbing Fjord

The Little Fjord Harbours

Experience the unique charm of a small harbour

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A Holiday Home by the North Sea

Accommodation by the North Sea

Holiday homes, houseboats, campsites, shelters, hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts; in Hvide Sande and the Ringkøbing Fjord area, you can choose between many types of accommodation

A Holiday Home in the dunes near Hvide Sande

A Family Vacation in a Holiday Home

The best thing about staying in a holiday home is that everybody can relax and do their own thing; and at the same time spend time with the family.

House Boat on Ringkobing Fjord

Modern Holiday Homes that Float on Water

A houseboat is a floating holiday home. Bring your family or friends aboard a modern houseboat; here you will find everything you need for having a great vacation

Nice Hotel room in Hvide Sande

Charming Hotels and Inns

Staying at a hotel or an inn at the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord relaxes you and gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself. 

Strategic Partner - Feriepartner Hvide Sande

Strategic Partner - ESMARK

Sense the West Coast

The North Sea is inevitable when you are on a vacation by Ringkøbing Fjord. It has to be sensed in all its roughness. The large waves, the fresh wind and the salty air. The dunes and the beach which change from day to day. The West Coast is always an impressive sight regardless time of year and weather. The long wide sandy beaches and the Nord Sea is designed for long walks and lots of fresh air for both you and your dog.

A destination with soul

Life is lived on the edge of nature and nature has always been a crucial force for survival. People have lived a simple life with great respect for the surroundings. This has created a soul which is noticeable. As a result of the flat landscape you have a great view which gives you the feeling of a limitless sky. Many of our guests come back year after year to get many more experiences.

The area's characteristics

We have beach towns, market towns, seaports, small fjord harbors, and villages, which all are unique. The locals take pride in their town and countryside, and they work hard to be independent. In these towns, there are old trade traditions and a world-class local kitchen. Nature is a factor for great experiences which can be found on your own or with a guide.

We create value

The official tourist organization Ringkøbing Fjord Turisme work professionally and visionary on a political, strategically and practically level that create value for our members. It is the official tourist organization in the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern. Our vision is to create Denmark's largest destination community in close co-operation with the relevant stakeholders.