Meet Us | Watch the Films about the Atdent Locals from Ringkøbing Fjord here

Meet Us

Seven short films will bring you close to a series of ardent locals from the Ringkøbing Fjord area. They invite you to a glimpse of their lives and share their passions with you.  For example, sail out to the North Sea with fisherman Arne; travel back in time to the Viking Age with Mikkel; go sightseeing in Ringkøbing; follow Sabine to Skjern Enge; and explore the local WWII bunkers with Steen.

These films will also bring you out on the fjord with wakeboarder Jakob Sally, and to foodies Dorthe and Jens at Vestkystens Gårdbutik. Watch these seven films and open your eyes to how life is like at the North Sea, the fjord, and the wide open spaces. 

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Steen Esbensen ved bunker

Steen’s Account about the North Sea Bunkers

See the video featuring local bunker expert Steen, who enjoys bringing history back to life.

Dorthe i Vestkystens Gårdbutik ved Søndervig

Meet Dorthe and Jens in Vestkystens Gårdbutik

See the video with the committed married couple Dorthe and Jens who run a very popular local farm shop near Søndervig.

The Viking Mikkel in Bork Viking Harbour

A Viking Enthusiast Gives a Tour around Bork Viking Harbour

Experience a red-bearded Viking enthusiast telling stories about the Viking Age and Bork Viking Harbour.  

Fischerman from Hvide Sande

Meet Fisherman Arne on the North Sea

See the video featuring Arne, who sails out to the North Sea from Hvide Sande every night. 

Outdoor expert Sabine Jensen in Skjern Enge

Meet Nature Lover Sabine at Skjern Enge

See the video about nature lover Sabine guiding you around the unique West Jutland nature in Skjern Enge.

Wakeboarder i Kabelparken

Meet the Wakeboarder from Hvide Sande

See the video with young wakeboarder Jakob Sally and his guide to Hvide Sande.

Eva Bay-Jørgensen i Ringkøbing

Eva and Flemming’s Guide to Ringkøbing

See the video with local Ringkøbing residents Eva and Flemming Bay-Jørgensen guiding you around their beloved market town.