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A House Boat on Ringkøbing Fjord

A Modern Holiday Home on the Fjord

If you want to be close to the water during your holiday, maybe you should rent a modern houseboat. Here you will find all the modern facilities you could wish for; and the ocean can be heard from just outside their walls.

If you dream about living on a boat but don't want to give up modern comfort, a houseboat is the perfect choice. Houseboats can accommodate between 5 and 8 people and are equipped with the same facilities you'll find in a modern holiday homeOn each houseboat you'll find a terrace with garden furniture for relaxation and sun bathing, and in the living room there is a fireplace which you can cuddle up in front of on a day in fall when the western winds howl outside and whip the waves into a foamy white. 

House boats in Hvide Sande and Bork Habour

The boats have a panoramic view of the water and the harbor where the scenery changes on an hourly basis. The houseboats are situated in several locations in both Hvide Sande and Bork Havn (harbour). Their sizes vary but they are all top quality accommodation. 

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Houseboat rental

Feriepartner Hvide Sande
Nørregade 2 B
6960  Hvide Sande
Tlf. +45 9659 3593

Feriepartner Bork Havn
Kirkehøjvej 17, Bork Havn
6893  Hemmet
Tlf. +45 7528 0344
E-Mail: bhf@borkhav...

Esmarch Feriehusudlejning
Sdr. Klitvej 195, Bjerregård
6960 Hvide Sande
+45 9731 5040

Check-list for houseboats

Check-list for Houseboats

You will find houseboats in Hvide Sande and Bork harbour.