Sense the North Sea

Along the North Sea

Stimulate all your senses; taste, smell, observe and experience the route along the western coastline.

The path along the Western coast is a nature trail from the Danish/German border to Skagen; Denmark's most northern point. Actually, it is part of a 6000 km long trail, The North Sea Cycle Route, which follows the coast lines in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, and returns to Denmark. The trail is linked with ferry routes between The Netherlands and England; Scotland and Norway; and between Sweden and Denmark.

Hvide Sande and Søndervig

In the area around Hvide Sande, the cycling route has been placed as close to the sand dunes as possible. In some places, the paths of the holiday houses are used, and in the towns Hvide Sande and Søndervig you have to use the paved roads and then return to The North Sea Cycle Route on the other side of the towns.

The distance between Søndervig and Nymindegab is roughly 30 to 40 km. The trail has many twists and turns and you need to be aware that it is a gravel path, which suits bicycles with wide tires best.

Sense of the North Sea

Along the entire route all senses are stimulated by plenty of impressions. Flowers like heather and all kinds of beach roses including the small, hard-to-kill, creamy white dune rose, and plant life such as pine trees, sea-buckthorn, blueberry and blackberry bushes give the area a very aromatic scent. Sea and Fjord also give off different smells and of course fresh fish have a scent as well. The splashing waves, birds whistling and the sounds of other small animals provide a wonderful sound effect far out in the heaths, where the noises of cars and other people cannot be heard.

Depending on where your route begins, there are several different places to pause along the trail in Hvide Sande and Søndervig; at the lighthouse Lyngvig Fyr; or in a spot of sunshine sheltered from the wind, sitting in the warm sand in the dunes.

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Along the North Sea