Beach Life | Visit the beautiful beaches at the North Sea

Beach Life

Put on your bathing suit and dive into the roaring sea, or bring your surfboard and rush across the foamy waves. Take your kids’ hands in yours and search for beautiful stones and sea shells on the beach; they are the perfect materials for building fairy tale sand castlesLie down in the white sand, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and watch the ever changing white clouds in the sky.

The beach is great for body and soul. There’s always something to do here and in the wide sandy beaches at Hvide Sande and Søndervig there’s room for everybody.

The Beach is great Fun for all Shapes and Sizes

Beach life means wellness for body and mind. There is always something to do and on the wide sandy beaches in Hvide Sande there's room for everybody.

Some just want to dip their toes in the water; others want to surf the waves; and some prefer lying in the sand relaxing while enjoying the summer and watching the daredevils on the waves.

Some people love to exercise and go for a run, play beach volley or throw frisbees, and children will definitely enjoy building sand castles.

During the summer, there are lifeguards at the beaches in Hvide Sande and at the beach next to the road Badevej in Søndervig from 23.6. – 16.8.2017. 

The local lifeguards give good advice and look after the people swimming in the sea.

A Wonderful Day at the Beach

Beaches with lifeguards in Hvide Sande and Søndervig

Local Beaches with Lifeguards Present

There are lifeguards present at the south beach in Hvide Sande and at the beach next to the road Badevej in Søndervig. The lifeguards are present from the 29.6. – 22.8.2018

Photo of the beach in Søndervig, Denmarks best beach 2014

The Top Ten Beaches at Hvide Sande

See our list of the top ten beaches in the Hvide Sande area.  

Playing tag with the angels

Playing Tag with Angels

When you plan your holiday in Hvide Sande, remember to make room for kite flying which is great fun on a windy day in the fall.

Water fun and safety

Water Fun and Safety

Have a fun and safe day at the beach

Grocery shops

Grocery Stores

There's no need to fill up your car with groceries before you travel to your holiday home; there are plenty of good grocery stores in the area 

Picnic Baskets– Take away

Have your picnic basket delivered with delious food and cold drinks.