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Camp Out at Momhøje Naturcenter

Anyone who enjoys a challenge and experiencing nature should go to Momhøje Naturcenter. Here are lots of facilities and plenty of inspiration for people of all ages.

At Momhøje Naturcenter you can enjoy the calm, plenty of space, and engage in refreshing activities in the forest, heath, and bog. In some areas, the terrain is difficult to traverse and poses a challenge to even the most experienced mountainbikers. In other places, the terrain is easy to access and wheelchair and stroller friendly. You can also grill at designated spots, and perhaps you can persuade your family to spend the night in one of the many sheltters in the area.

120 Soccer Fields

The facilities include a bonfire barn, where you can grill sheltered by the elements; shelters; campsites; nature exhibits; rooms where you can enjoy your lunch; nature playground; information posts; paths that are stroller and wheelchair friendly and paths for horseriders and mountainbikers; restrooms - also for disabled; exhibition; conference rooms; and dormitories. The huge outdoor area of 80 square kilometres is equivalent of 120 soccer fields.

The Tallest Point in the Area

The centre is situated in the middle of a grand and luscious piece of nature with forests and hilly terrain, where deep trenches and small hills bare witness to the coal bed that was once here. With its 95 m above sea level, Momhøje is the tallest point in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune.

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