The Dejbjerg Route | Scenic cycle path

The Dejbjerg Route

The Dejbjerg route is a far stretching nature route that trails from the town Skjern in the south to the village Velling which is situated by the north-western coast of Ringkøbing Fjord. The major attractions are the heath "Dejbjerg Hede" and the plantation "Dejbjerg Plantage". This area is rich with historic remnants from the farm life in the iron age; the Viking era; the cattle herders and goose girls of the late dark ages; and of the 'rakkers' that lived here just a century ago.

The heath Dejbjerg Hede is particularly famous for the Dejbjerg outcasts (rakkerne) who were hired by farmers to do 'unclean jobs' such as skinning horses and cattle that died from natural causes. In the 19th century, farmers began skinning their own animals which resulted in the 'rakkers', who were already isolated and marginalised, losing their jobs and forced further and further into the heath; they were left to a shabby life of begging, hunting and fishing, daylabouring, and petty crime.

The last 'rakker' family in the area lived in a house in the bog "Bjørnemosen" in the eastern part of the plantation "Dejbjerg Plantage" until 1932. The house has been rebuilt like it was in 1906 and today it tells us the story about life on the edge; and about a society that maybe needed some scapegoats to look down on.

Near the house 'Rakkerhuset' lies the mill "Bundsbæk Mølle", which is the best kept water mill used for grinding grain in Western Jutland. Today, this mill functions as an open-air museum with plenty of activities throughout the summer; with the iron age museum "Dejberg Jernalder" next door.

In another location in this plantation, close to Dejbjerg village, are the remains of a circular cattle fold which was used by cattle herders to hold cattle that was to be sold in the large agricultural markets in Germany. These cattle herders followed the road 'Drivvejen' between the fjord Limfjorden in the North and the Danish-German border in the South.

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The Dejbjerg route

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