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Fishing at the harbour Bork Havn

Fishing at the Harbour 'Bork Havn'

In Ringkøbing Fjord you can go fishing for hours and catch eel, pike, and perch, and all kinds of other species of fish.

The conditions for fishing are ideal at the harbour Bork Havn and in Ringkøbing Fjord in general. 

Freshwater from the river Skjern Å and saltwater from The North Sea mix here, and therefore each area has a different salinity. The water at the water locks has the highest density of salinity, and the water in the southern and northern ends, and the place where Skjern Å runs into Ringkøbing Fjord has the lowest salinity. This variation in salinity means excellent conditions for both salt-, fresh-, and brackish water fish. 

The many species of fish, the calm waters, and the beautiful nature near the holiday home areas and the North Sea make this area especially attractive to anglers. An all-day fishing trip out to sea is also very popular. 

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