Beautiful bike ride in area with heath, meadow, fields and forests

The Heath Route - 126 km

The heath route circles a large and diversified area with heaths, meadows, crop fields, and forest plantations. The route begins just south of the town Skjern and the river Skjern Å in the town of Tarm.

The day begins in the town of Tarm; from there you travel through the wonderful nature surrounding the river Skjern Å and on through a series of villages including Borris, Sdr. Felding, Hoven, Ådum, Lønborg, Sønder Vium, and Nørre Bork.

On the second half of this cycling tour, your destination is the harbour Bork Havn where you can enjoy a meal or a snack; then you head back to Nørre Bork and onwards to the village Skuldbøl where there is a small landingstrip for minor airplanes. You continue from here to Lønborg and back to Tarm.

During this trip you will discover a changing landscape, which is characteristic of the island-hills that were formed in the latest ice age. The landscape is soft and wavy and consists mainly of sandy and meager soil.

The stretch from Lønborg to Sønder Vium includes the heath Lønborg Hede where the beatiful and rare bell-heather grows. Here you can follow the road Drivvejen, which was used in the past by cattle herders who needed to march their cattle south to the major agricultural markets in Germany.

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The heath route


You can buy a detailed cycling map at the tourist office