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Maja - a topgallant sailing schooner

Maja - a Topgallant Yard Schooner

Go on a sailing trip with Maja the topgallant sailing schooner and experience Hvide Sande from the seaside. Here you can sense the sea's tranquility, listen to the waves and the sails cracking in the wind, and experience a horizon of water as far as the eye can see.

The topgallant sailing schooner Maja has not sailed all the seven seas, but she's been around; in 2009 she was brought to Hvide Sande to sail tourists out to sea. 

Maja's story begins in 1919 in a shipyard by the river Rhine. Back then, Maja travelled to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and local Danish waters. 

Maja was used for fishing in the North Sea; as a freighter in Hamburg; and for freighting granite between the island of Bornholm and the Danish capital Copenhagen. She carried her last shipment, a cargo of granite, in 1999.

This topgallant sailing schooner was called Top for a period, named so by the then owners, the Carlsberg Breweries. Today she has been renamed Maja of Hvide Sande. 

Even though Maja has sailed many miles and is an experienced lady, she is far from ready to retire. The schooner has been restored and re-rigged, and today she fits 70 passengers. 


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Facts about the topgallant sail schooner

Maja is Denmark's only topgallant sailing schooner; she is the country's largest charter ship, and she is the ship with the tallest masts. Maja is also the fourth largest sailing ship in Denmark. 

Length: 43 yards. Width: 6,6 yards. Draft: 2,4 yards. Mast height: 28 yards.

The ship has a steel hull and 24 berths.

Maja is owned and run by the foundation Bramsejlskonnerten Hvide Sande. 

Link: Bramsejlskonnerten af Hvide Sande