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The Northern Fjords

The route around the two northern fjords Stadil Fjord and Vest Stadil Fjord is a fun, beautiful and everchanging route with both fjords, sea, sanddunes, lakes, and wetlands; with great opportunities for both shopping and eating along the way.

This route begins and ends in Ringkøbing. First stop is at the stream Vonå, which connects Ringkøbing Fjord and Stadil Fjord. From here, the route continues along Denmarks oldest bikepath to the seaside resort Søndervig and further along the western coast line to Houvig; a German military fortress from World War II. At this point, the route turns east into the protected wetland areas Vest Stadil Fjord and Stadil Fjord which are lakes with a very rich bird life. Then the route continues to the tranquil area Vedersø Klit and Kaj Munks Præstegård where the poet and priest Kaj Munk, who was executed by the Germans during World War II, lived.

Vedersø Klit

Further along the route you cycle through the cosy villages Vedersø, Stadil, and Hee. In Hee, it's a good idea to get off your bike and go for a little walk on the footbridge (Currently unavailable) to the small, beautiful island Hindø which offers a great panoramic view of the area. From Hindø, the route continues back to Ringkøbing through the village Kloster, where there are several charming little shops and a little café.

Restaurants in Ringkøbing

Suggestions for eating out: Breakfast at Café Rindom in Ringkøbing; Lunch at Vestkystens Gårdbutik a little north of Søndervig; Afternoon tea at Café Charlie in Kloster and supper at one of Ringkøbings many excellent restaurants.

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The Northern Fjords