The river Skjern Å | Fishing | The Skjern Å salmon

The River Skjern Å

The river Skjern Å is, in many ways, unique in Denmark:

  1. It is the river with the largest body of water in Denmark.
  2. Where the river flows into Ringkøbing Fjord, you will find Denmark's only river delta which has been restored in one of Northern Europe's greatest nature restoration projects.
  3. In the river Skjern Å, Northern Europe's only remaining wild salmon, the river Skjern Å Salmon, lives. This type of salmon can weigh as much as 20 kilograms and it is every angler's dream to catch one. Recently, scientists discovered that the Skjern Å Salmon is the furthest migrating salmon in the world, because it migrates all the way to Svalbard. 

The Meadows Skjern Enge

If you're interested in nature; you must go to Skjern Enge. 

You can get very close to nature by using a grid of paths, and on the way you can use facilities like bird watching towers, bird watching hideouts, rope-pulled ferries, and recreational areas with barbecues and seating arrangement. The area is also wheelchair and stroller friendly.

If you like fishing, here's your chance to catch a huge salmon which you can cook at one of the recreational areas. 

Purchase your fishing license here.  You can print your own fishing license right after payment. 

The tackle shop FISKNU in the town Tarm sells day/week/year fishing licenses for the river Skjern Å.

Nature by the River Skjern Å

Rare birds visit the Skjern Enge (meadows)

Many Rare Birds visit Skjern Enge

Skjern Enge is a mekka for bird lovers

Nature centres at the river Skjern Å

Nature Centers at the River Skjern Å

Learn more about Skjern Enge here

Nature activities along the river Skjern Å

Activities by the River Skjern Å

A nature area like Skjern Enge can keep anyone interested in nature busy for days

Restoring nature

Restoring Nature at Skjern Enge

The river Skjern Å has seen both the biggest drainage project and the greatest nature restoration project in Danish history

The Pumping Station North - Skjern Meadows/Enge

Pumping Station North

The old pumping station still has a part to play in Skjern Enge

The Areas Tipperne and Værnengene

The Largest Bird Habitat in Northern Europe

The great beach-meadows that stretch like a peninsula into the southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord is a protected area of international importance.

Fishing for Everyone


In Hvide Sande and the surrounding area there are plenty of opportunities for going fishing

Stauning Whisky

Genuine whisky from Western Jutland - the taste comes from the nature, water, and grain fields in the area.

Bell Heather at Lønborg Heath

The Lønborg Heath

A beautiful and authentic nature awaits you at Lønborg Heath.

Farm shops

Farm Shops

The local farm shops offer a range of delicious products