Hvide Sande is a disability-friendly area | Alle people is welcome in our area
Beach für persons with Vision Impairment

The North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord for People with Vision Impairment

For us, it is essential that the entire area around Ringkøbing Fjord is a 'holiday destination for all shapes and sizes'. That means that disabled people can spend their vacation here without major difficulties or inconveniences.
If you are blind or suffer from vision impairment and visit the area around Ringkøbing Fjord, you'll have access to a great variety of practical aid, which makes it easier to move around freely.


Fodgængerfelt med lyd

Pavements, Intersections, and Pedestrian Crossings

The majority of the pavements in the towns around Ringkøbing Fjord are divided into two sections. The part closest to the road is reserved for bicyclists, and this section is most often paved with asphalt or the like. The other part is reserved for pedestrians and paved with concrete slabs or tiles, bordered by cobblestones that function as a sort of directional guide. The cobblestones contrast in colour with the pavement and it is easy for a white cane to find these rows. When you need to cross side roads or intersections, small asphalt slopes ease the transition. All pedestrian crossings are marked with the characteristic white stripes that can be distinguished by their great contrast to asphalt but also by white canes because these stripes have been slightly elevated from the asphalt. The larger intersections around Ringkøbing Fjord have been equipped with acoustic signalling. The long beeps sound during red light and the short beeps sound during green light.

 Rampe til butik

Shops, Cafés, and Restaurants

When visiting one of the many shops or restaurants in this area, visitors may discover or experience the West Jutland humour; the locals are reserved but kind at heart. Most establishments have wheelchair ramps, positioned next to the regular entry ways and other obstacles. These ramps are not only a great help to wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments in general; they can also be of help to people with vision impairment.

The cafés, restaurants, museums, or one of this area’s many shops, are happy to receive you.

Opgang til strand

The North Sea, Hvide Sande Harbour, and the Fjord Harbours

At the southern part of the harbour in Hvide Sande, you’ll find a most unique and accessible point of entry to the North Sea; straight on to the beach. Here, Hvide Sande commissioned a work of art in redbrick, which winds its way over the dunes, so that you can cross them without difficulty. Here, everybody has a chance to experience the impressive nature by the sea without having to feel impaired by loose and uneven sand.

The entire fishing port in Hvide Sande is freely accessible. There is a concrete edge all along the water’s edge, which works as a stop sign for white canes. This edge prevents involuntary bathing in the harbour.

The fjord harbours in Hvide Sande, Ringkøbing, Stauning, Skaven, and Bork have also been paved with even surfaces and edgings that prevent you from stepping into the unknown. Some of these cosy little harbours have preserved an original and natural surface. 

Opgang til strand

Public Restrooms

All public restrooms around Ringkøbing Fjord have been equipped with large restrooms designed especially for the disabled, without unexpected steps and the like.

The holiday destination Ringkøbing Fjord strives to follow this principle: ‘for all shapes and sizes’. All visitors are welcome to share their own comments and recommendations; in that way, everybody contributes to making this destination a great one.

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