Pharmacies around Ringkøbing Fjord | Find a pharmacy


We have made a list of all the pharmacies in the area including their addresses and phonenumbers; then they will be easy to find just in case.

Over-the-counter drugs can be bought in most supermarkets and at pharmacies, but if you need to buy prescription drugs, you can only buy them in one of these pharmacies:

Hvide Sande Apotekerudsalg, Metheasvej 1, +45 9731 3222 –

Ringkøbing Løve Apotek, Torvegade 5, +45 9732 0511 –

Skjern Apotek, Bredgade 44 B, +45 9735 1544 –

Tarm Apotek, Storegade 23, +45 9737 1006 –

Videbæk Apotek, Bredgade 32, +45 9717 2500 -

Most pharmacies are open during normal opening hours, but some pharmacies have different opening hours so be sure to check. 

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In need of medical attention?

In Need of Medical Attention?

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