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Practical Information about your Holiday Accommodation

There are many fantastic accommodations in the area surrounding Ringkøbing Fjord: there are houseboats in Hvide Sande and Bork; there are campsites in the dunes, on the bank of the fjords and rivers, and sheltered from the wind in the woods and plantations; there are hotels, seaside resorts, and Bed & Breakfast. More and more shelters have been built and many cyclists use them. There are certain things you need to remember when you use any type of accommodation, so here are some good advice and general information for you. 

Things to remember regarding your holiday House

Things to Remember regarding your Holiday Home

A check list for what to bring and do in your holiday home.

A Holiday Home by the North Sea

Accommodation by the North Sea

Holiday homes, houseboats, campsites, shelters, hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts; in Hvide Sande and the Ringkøbing Fjord area, you can choose between many types of accommodation

Check-list for houseboats

Check-list for Houseboats

You will find houseboats in Hvide Sande and Bork harbour. 

Campsites - practical Information

Campsites - Practical Information

Practical information about campsites

Booking - holiday resorts and apartments

Booking; Holiday Resorts and Apartments

You can also rent holiday apartments in this area

Booking a room at a B&B

Booking a Room at a B&B

In this area, there are many private homes and B&Bs where you are welcome to rent a room

Indulge Yourself at the Local Hotels

Indulge Yourself at the Local Hotels

If you just want to relax and not be bothered with practicalities, book a hotel room and let others do all the work.