Ringkøbing | Cozy town in Western Jutland


If you want to experience a lovely old market town with plenty of life and vibrant trade milieu, then go to Ringkøbing. With its red Plesner-houses, the town presents the essence of Danishness and has a very cozy or in Danish 'hyggelig' atmosphere. Here are fine restaurants, many different kinds of accommodation, and lots of cultural events.

Ringkøbing is a very charming market town from the 15th century. It is often called 'The little capital of West Jutland'. Here are idyllic, stonepaved streets, beautiful old town houses and merchant houses that tell stories about a time almost lost in the past. Today, the old town is busy with trade and plenty of activities, sidewalk café's, and trade at the market place.

The Pulse Park in Ringkøbing

The " Pulse Park " in Ringkøbing is a brand new activity area in Ringkøbing. You'll find it on " Kongevejen " near Ringkøbing Fjord. In connection with the Pulse Park there is a wide range of activities which everyone can participate in, regardless of age or physical shape. The Pulse Park connects the athletics stadium, "Vesterhavshallen " ( a swimmingpool area ), and a tennis club with a path called the pulse path. In this area a new parkour area has been established which, according to locals, is the best of its kind on the West Coast. This area is ideal for physical activities, for relaxation, and enjoying the great view of Ringkøbing Fjord.

If you would like to know more about the old market town, it's a good idea to go on a guided tour of Ringkøbing. The local museum arranges tours every Tuesday in July and August.


Ringkøbing: a Charming Old Market Town

Things to do in Ringkøbing

Things to do in Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing and the surrounding area has lots to offer; whether you enjoy art and culture, shopping, or an active holiday outdoors. 

Shopping in Ringkøbing

Shopping in Ringkøbing

Shop till you drop

Ringkøbing - an old market town

Ringkøbing - an Old Market Town

This beautiful market town by Ringkøbing Fjord greets its guests like a sweet old lady

The town watchmen 'Vægterne' in Ringkøbing

The Town Watch in Ringkøbing

The town watchmen still guard the town at night!

Art in Ringkøbing

Art in Ringkøbing

Art thrives - in many ways 

The Plesner town

The 'Plesner' Town

The town with the red-brick houses, tiled roofs, and white cornices

Ringkøbing Museum

Ringkøbing Museum

In Ringkøbing Museum you will find exciting exhibitions and a cute little museum shop 

Ringkøbing's famous sons

Ringkøbing's Famous Sons

Two celebrities from the old days 


The powers of nature are so fascinating that they can lure you outside – even when the western winds are thrashing about and it’s pouring cats and dogs!