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Statue of Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen in Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing's Famous Sons

A couple of famous danish men have grown up in Ringkøbing. One of the town's famous sons helped map a part of Greenland; another famous son became the prime minister of Denmark.

I.C. Christensen was the primeminister of Denmark from 1905-1908. He had many areas of responsibility in his political career; he took part in the negotiations about Iceland in 1918 and Greenland in 1924; he was minister of culture and created the Danish 'menighedsråd', which gave civilian citizens a democratic vote in the churches in Denmark in 1901. 

On Expedition to Greenland

Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen was a famous Danish arctic explorer. He travelled with Grønlandsekspeditionen (an expedition to Greenland) in 1906-1908. During the final expedition, Mylius Erichsen and his colleges died. They were surprised by an early spring which made travelling by dog-sled impossible; therefore they never reached the expedition's basecamp and its supplies; instead they died in the overwhelming cold. Mylius-Erichsen mapped the northeastern part of Greenland, where a large area has been named after him in honor of his sacrifice and his dedication to explore the area. 

Statues have been made of both men; one of them (I.C. Christensen) is situated on the road to Holstebro, the other (Mylius-Erichsen) stands in front of Ringkøbing Museum

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