Skjern is a young market town close to the fjord | Find out more about this town’s attractions

Skjern – Denmark’s Newest Market Town

Skjern is, with its roughly 8000 citizens, the second largest town in the Ringkøbing Skjern municipality. This town is located about seven km east of Ringkøbing Fjord and it is named after the river Skjern Å. Skjern is Denmark’s newest market town and the local traders and business owners remain a vital part of this town’s life.

Skjern harbours an impressive selection of art. The inventor Piet Hein lived here for a while and his four metres tall sculpture ‘The Egg’ (‘Ægget’) is one of Skjern’s main attractions. Skjern Windmill is another main attraction; this is an old, Dutch, wooden mill which is today used for art exhibitions. Skjern’s successful handball team has contributed to place this west Jutland market town on the European map and of course Skjern Handball occupies a great space in the hearts of Skjern’s citizens. 

The River Skjern Å

The River Skjern Å

Skjern Å is the river with the largest body of water in Denmark

Holger Danske kommer på plads på Mølletorvet i Skjern

Holger Danske; A Danish National Symbol in Skjern

Enterprising businessmen and other residents of Skjern bought the statue Holger Danske in 2013; Skjern is now the statue’s new home where he watches over Skjern and its sitizens!


The river Skjern Å is great for Skjern and Tarm

The River Skjern Å is great for Skjern and Tarm

Nature is amazing around the river Skjern Å and it's a very precious thing that Skjern and Tarm share. The area's paths lead you deep into this unique piece of nature

Churches near Skjern and Tarm

Churches near Skjern and Tarm

Charming local churches 

The Skjern Å Salmon

The Skjern Å Salmon

The Skjern Å Salmon is worth waiting for.

Holiday houses by Skjern and Tarm

Holiday Homes in Skjern and Tarm

Book a nice holiday home in Tarm or Skjern

Bed & Breakfasts in Skjern and Tarm

Bed & Breakfasts are a popular kind of accommodation in Skjern and Tarm

Other Things to See in Skjern:

The river Skjern Å and the famous Skjern Å salmon – a very special breed of salmon – is known many places and anglers travel to Skjern Å in great numbers to try and catch one of these enormous salmon. Regretfully, the quotas are quickly filled; only a limited amount of Skjern Å salmon are allowed to be caught each year.

Just outside Skjern lies the bridge Kong Hans Bro which, according to history books, was the specific cross over point where King Hans’ horse fell and toppled the king into the water. He supposedly died from a pneumonia which he caught in that very cold water. All this happened many years ago; King Hans lived from 1455 – 1513. Today Skjern is still aplace of great histories and beautiful nature - have a look around this site and find exactly the thing that interests you.

Things to see in Skjern and Tarm

Things to see in Skjern and Tarm

Historical sights in Skjern and Tarm

Things to do in Skjern and Tarm

Things to do in Skjern and Tarm

Skjern and Tarm offer many great activities for the whole family; including some of the area's best museums and its most interesting nature 

Piet Hein The Egg

Piet Hein in Skjern

See some of Denmark’s most famous design classics in Skjern.