Søndervig | A wonderful and relaxed seaside resort


Søndervig is one of the most popular holiday destinations by the North Sea; with its location right on the coastline, close to the fjord, and in the midst of the unique dune landscape there is every chance to have a great vacation here. In addition to Søndervig’s beautiful scenery, the town also offers shopping, restaurants, cafés, and fun activities for kids at all hours of the day.

The beaches at Søndervig are some of the best on the Danish west coast and each year they attract scores of water loving tourists. This cosy beach resort, which is situated between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord, offers a wide selection of accommodations: holiday homes on the seafront, homely bed & breakfasts, holiday apartments, and a campsite; here you can easily find what accommodates your needs.  

Søndervig: A Wonderful Seaside Resort

Søndervig has been a seaside resort for more than a century and it features all the facilities that a modern holiday destination by the sea offers. 

Here are beautiful, wide, sandy beahces; excellent restrooms, also for the disabled; and viewpoints with wheelchair and stroller access. 

Swimming in the North Sea is great fun, but it can also be a risky business if you don't follow the 7 swimming advice ('De 7 Baderåd'). You can find the 7 swimming advice here You will also find a list of the 7 swimming advice in Søndervig and there are also lifeguards on the beach next to the road Badevej.  The lifeguards are present from 29.6. – 22.8.2018 

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10 Tips for a Great Vacation in Søndervig

10 Tips for a Great Vacation in Søndervig

You can find the most beautiful pictures of the old seaside resorts and holiday homes in Søndervig from  the days when people wore nitted bathing suits. 


A Terrain Carpet – Access to the Beach in Søndervig

Now it’s possible for wheelchair users to go to the beach in Søndervig – and it has become a lot easier to bring baby carriages to the water’s edge. 

Sand Sculpture Festival

The Sand Sculpture Festival

When sand figures become an artform

A Holiday on Horseback

A Holiday on Horseback

Bring your horse on your vacation

Fun Activities in Søndervig

Fun Activities in Søndervig

Do you prefer an active holiday?

The beach by Søndervig

The Gateway to the North Sea

Søndervigs history as a seaside resort stretches back more than a hundred years to the times when only the upper classes could afford the luxury of vacationing at a seaside resort. 

Guests in Søndervig

Søndervig Then and Now

In the old days, Søndervig's luxury seaside hotels were a luxury reserved for the upper classes 



Houvig is situated in the West Jutland dune landscape, just 5km north of the seaside town Søndervig. This is a quiet nature area with great beaches, an organic farm shop, and a large WWII bunker fortification.

A Walk on the Beach

On a day in spring, on a rainy day, or maybe late in the day when the sun is setting a walk on the beach is a wonderful and refreshing experience.

The North Sea from Vederso Klit

The Area Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the most beautiful places to go on holiday in Denmark; and it is also an area that offers plenty of activities for all shapes and sizes

Bed & Breakfasts in Søndervig

Søndervig have a variaty of nice Bed and Breakfasts. Find all of them here. 

Shopping i Søndervig

Shopping in Søndervig

Crazy about shopping?