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Stay in Shelters Close to Nature

Combine your holiday in a holiday home with a primitive night in one of the many shelters in the area. Bring your sleeping bag and your camping gear and enjoy being one with nature. Fall asleep to the sound of the rustling treetops and be ready to grab your binoculars or your camera when the animals wake up at dawn.

Your vacation in a holiday home can be combined with spending a night in one of the many shelters in the area. Pack some food and a sleeping bag and spend a night or two here and enjoy being as close to wild nature as possible. 
Get up at around three or four in the morning and sneak out to watch the sunrise. If you are lucky, you may see some red deer which aren't as shy this time of day. Such an experience will definitely be the one that the children will tell their friends about back home. 

There are ten shelters and two primitive campsites in the area around Ringkøbing Fjord. You can find them on a map of the area. 

The shelters are free for everyone to use for a nights or two. 

Practical information about spending the night in shelters: 
Follow the guidelines that you will find on the designated signs. 
Remember to clean up after yourselves. 
If you bring a dog it must be on a leash.
Be considerate of the other users of the shelters and of people in the vicinity of your shelter. 
Beware of fire hazards. 
Note that some shelters may have been booked in advance. 

You can book a shelter in advance at

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