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Restaurants and Taste Experiences

Herbs, berries, and mushrooms
For those who enjoy exploring nature and gathering their own food the Ringkøbing Fjord area is a veritable pantry. 

- and a multitude of fish
If want your food to be supblime, you can always begin with catching your own fish. Since the North Sea, the fjords, Skjern Å, and all the fishing lakes are within reach on bicycle, there's always plenty of fish to catch. 
Good luck and bon appetite!

Restauranter Ringkøbing Fjord

Like to Catch Fish - or Just to Eat Them?

A lot of saltwater fish from the North Sea are caught from the pier in Hvide Sande, but you can also go fishing out to sea on one of the fishing boats on shorter or longer trips.  

The river Skjern Å is the home of the famous Skjern Å Salmon which, if you are lucky to catch a big one, will feed an entire family. 

If you don't feel like catching your own fish, you can buy fresh fish at the local seafood shops, and if you don't want to cook them you can order fish at one of the restaurants throughout the Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing Fjord area.


You will also find a selection of delicacy shops as well as farm shops which all focus on local produce. How about sinking your teeth into organic chicken, fresh potatoes, sausages, cheeses, honey and much, much more?

Sea food shops

Seafood Shops

The local seafood shops offer a multitude of delicious fish.

West Coast Specialities on the Barbeque

-  selection of local food specialities

Farm shops

Farm Shops

The local farm shops offer a range of delicious products