Tarm in Western Jutland | Nature and trade


Tarm has a long tradition of trade as merchants and travelers for centuries flocked to the town, following a web of small roads along Jutland’s west coast. The trade tradition continues in today’s flea markets and these are definitely worth a visit. The famous Wednesday flea market is visited by large crowds of merchants and guests from near and far throughout the summer.

Great nature can be experienced right outside Tarm and you can put on your hiking boots and explore the heaths Borris Sønderland or the protected Lønborg Hede, where the rare cross-leaved heath grows. On the other side of Tarm you will find the Skjern Å area with its cable pulled ferries, path systems, and bird watching towers. 


Geographically, the word ‘tarm’ means a long, narrow strip of land. The town lies next to the West Jutland railway, which connects the area with the rest of Denmark. The late 19th century was the glory days for the railways, and this made it possible to travel to and from West Jutland. Tarm originates from the 14th century, but modern-day Tarm was founded around 1850 and blossomed as the railways were built there in 1875; this spurned a violent growth in Tarm. Today, the town is accessible by train and it also has a high school, which in many years was attended by the youths of Tarm and the surrounding West Jutland area.

You will find lots of beautiful nature and history as well as a selection of shops with a wide range of different products.

Things to do in Skjern and Tarm

Things to do in Skjern and Tarm

Skjern and Tarm offer many great activities for the whole family; including some of the area's best museums and its most interesting nature 

Holiday houses by Skjern and Tarm

Holiday Homes in Skjern and Tarm

Book a nice holiday home in Tarm or Skjern

A bed and breakfast in Skjern

Bed & Breakfasts in Skjern and Tarm

Bed & Breakfasts are a popular kind of accommodation in Skjern and Tarm

The river Skjern Å is great for Skjern and Tarm

The River Skjern Å is great for Skjern and Tarm

Nature is amazing around the river Skjern Å and it's a very precious thing that Skjern and Tarm share. The area's paths lead you deep into this unique piece of nature

Stork Jailed at the Zoo

A stork from Tarm was ’jailed’ – in 1959!

Things to see in Skjern and Tarm

Things to see in Skjern and Tarm

Historical sights in Skjern and Tarm

Churches near Skjern and Tarm

Churches near Skjern and Tarm

Charming local churches