Hvide Sande by the North Sea coast in Denmark | Fish, nature and surfing

The Town Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is situated on the outmost edge of Denmark on the coast of the North Sea, which has supported the livelihood of the locals throughout the ages. Here you will find the finest sandy beaches, unique dune landscapes, cozy holiday homes, and fishing boats filled with freshly caught fish.

In Hvide Sande there is room for relaxation and spending time with your loved ones, but there is also a lot of ways to have an active holiday here. All varieties of surfing are performed both at the North Sea and on the fjord. Many tourists bring their own fishing gear and try their luck at the pier, the harbor or in a fishing boat. The untamed nature here calls for long windy trips to the beaches and the dunes; on your own to legs, on two wheels, or on horseback. In Hvide Sande, you get close to each other and the forces of nature where you can sense the West Coast.  

Go to Hvide Sande at All Times of the Year

Hvide Sande is beautiful at all times of the year.

On a warm summer's day, when the sun kisses the waves and the fishing boats enter the harbour with freshly caught fish, Hvide Sande is beautiful; buy a plate of shrimp and some nice bread and sit down on a bench while the world drifts by.  

Hvide Sande is a vision worth on a day in the fall when the wind stirs the rigging in the ships' masts and the wave tops are foamy white. Remember your kite which will definitely have the company of lots of other colorful kites in the blue skies. 

Hvide Sande is particularly nice on a winter's day when the snow glistens and the fjord is iced over; then you can often see strange white forms that grow out of the water and turn into unique ice sculptures around the buoys. 

Perhaps Easter is the best time of the year. Experience Hvide Sande when it is getting ready for its busiest season; almost bursting with anticipation. Go for a walk in the dunes and down to the beach and hear your kids squeal when they dip their toes in the water. 

A Tour of the Harbour in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a dog friendly area

Holiday with Dogs

Bring your dog to Hvide Sande. The dog is going to love it; and we love dogs! 

Maja – a three mastet schooner

Maja; the Topgallant Sailing Schooner

A three mastet schooner in Hvide Sande harbour

Holiday house distributors in Hvide Sande

Holiday Home Distributors in Hvide Sande

In a rented holiday home, there is room for everyone. Here, the family can cook together or barbecue on their own terrace in the evening sun, play boardgames, or read by the light of the fireplace on cold winter days. 

Bed & Breakfast in Hvide Sande

Bed & Breakfast or private accomodation in Hvide Sande. 

Auto Camper Parking

With your own auto camper it is possible to spend 1, 2 or 3 nights before you continue your journey

Hvide Sande Hotel

Hvide Sande Seaman’s home are reopened as Hvide Sande Hotel with reconditioned rooms    

Sea food shops

Seafood Shops

The local seafood shops offer a multitude of delicious fish.

Fischerman from Hvide Sande

Meet Fisherman Arne on the North Sea

See the video featuring Arne, who sails out to the North Sea from Hvide Sande every night. 

Fishing for Everyone


In Hvide Sande and the surrounding area there are plenty of opportunities for going fishing

Surfspots in Hvide Sande

The Three Best Surf Spots in Hvide Sande

Let our surfing expert guide you to the best surf spots in Hvide Sande.


Aqua Sports Zone in Hvide Sande

The Aqua Sports Zone (Kabelparken) in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande Harbour

Hvide Sande Harbour is the town’s life nerve and its main source of income. Now, the largest investment in Hvide Sande’s history will result in new marine projects and opportunities.    

Fisherman in the Fish Auction in Hvide Sande

The Fish Auction in Hvide Sande

Find out what goes on inside the walls of the fish auction in Hvide Sande.

The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

The special light in the dunes inbetween the sea and the fjord is fantastic

Stories from the Harbour

Stories from the Harbour in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande harbour is Denmark's fifth largest industrial fishing harbour

Lyngvig Harbour

Lyngvig Harbour

There are also fjord harbours on the west side of the fjord

Nørre Lyngvig

Nørre Lyngvig

When you see a white-chalked lighthouse towering the horizon behind the dunes, you’re not far from Nørre Lyngvig. Climb the 228 steps to the top and receive your reward; the Danish west coast’s craziest panoramic view.

Living on the edge of nature

Living on the Edge of Nature

Hvide Sande is situated right between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord