Winter holiday with beautiful scenery and activities | Holiday at Hvide Sande

A Winter Holiday at the North Sea

When winter is upon the North Sea coast line put on a hat and mittens and go to the beach and experiences the overwhelming forces of the North Sea. Afterwards the comfort and warmth of your holiday home or campsite along with a hot drink await you. From your windows you might have the view of a snow covered dune landscape and ice skaters on Ringkøbing Fjord; the Hvide Sande area is a very popular winter holiday destination with an active fishing community at the busy harbour, the rough North Sea landscape, and peace and quiet. There are oceans of time and space to unwind here, so go to the furthest edge of Denmark to experience a different kind of winter cold. 

A Walk on the Beach

On a day in spring, on a rainy day, or maybe late in the day when the sun is setting a walk on the beach is a wonderful and refreshing experience.

The Gold of the North

The Gold of the North

A polished lump of amber can catch and disperse the rays of the sun like no other material 

Sights by the North Sea

Top 5 Experiences

Well worth seeing by the North Sea

Along the North Sea

Along the North Sea

Stimulate all your senses; taste, smell, observe and experience the route along the western coast line.

Horseback riding by the North Sea

Horseback Riding by the Sea and the Fjord

Riding in the nature surrounding Ringkøbing Fjord is a unique experience when you, your horse, and the nature around you are in perfect balance with each other.

Horseback Riding along the North Sea