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The Great Guestbook of Denmark

Would you like your friends and family to receive a different kind of postcard, telling them about your best holiday experiences in Søndervig, Hvide Sande, and the general area?  That will be possible from August 6th to September 13th in SuperBest in Søndervig where ‘The Great Guestbook of Denmark’ will be located.

Bork Havn Musikfestival

Bork Music Festival, 31.7. – 3.8.2013

This festival began as a city or harbor festival back in 1979, when the music played was mostly Danish popular music and kids could ride carrousels. Since then, the festival has grown and more rock is played there now. There is still a fest in the town of Bork in the 3 or 4 days of the festival, but it is rock and pop which can be heard just outside Bork Harbor now. The festival is now located east of town; in the old days the festival was located right next to the harbor.

The Lignite Mining Adventure in Videbæk

When Denmark experienced a serious energy crises during WWII, lignite was called 'the brown gold'; the huge lignite mines east of Videbæk became a massive economic influence on the entire area. 
Mining for lignite is a hard and dirty job, but for those willing to do the work there was money to be made. Many young male workers lived and worked in the area, dreaming of buying a place of their own and raising a family some day.

Activities in Videbæk

Cycling on Rails is a Hit
In Videbæk there are many historical remnants from the railroad's glory days; especially the railroad-bicycles on the closed railroad are an asset to Videbæk's citizens and its visitors. 
The railroad museum Videbæk-Skjern Veteran- og Modeljernbane has fifteen railroad-bicycles at the old station Herborg. You can rent these bikes at the grocery store in Astrup. 

Shopping in Søndervig

Shopping in Søndervig

One of the first things that greets new visitors in Søndervig is a big modern shopping centre with groceries, fashion, sports wear, shoes, art, toys, and much more.

Throughout the summer, Søndervig buzzes with life and lots of activity in the different shops. 

Maja - a topgallant sailing schooner

Maja - a Topgallant Yard Schooner

The topgallant sailing schooner Maja has not sailed all the seven seas, but she's been around; in 2009 she was brought to Hvide Sande to sail tourists out to sea. 

Maja's story begins in 1919 in a shipyard by the river Rhine. Back then, Maja travelled to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and local Danish waters. 

Booking; Holiday resorts and apartments

Booking - Holiday Resorts and Apartments


Several holiday resorts let out apartments close to the West Coast or fjord; for example the holiday resorts in Søndervig, Bork and Nymindegab. The holiday resorts have aqua parks with lots of activities for all members of the family as well as facilities such as mini golf, bowling and jumping pillows. The holiday resorts are placed in scenic surroundings close to fjord and sea.  


Campsites - Practical Information

A camping permit can be bought at the campsite or online at Dansk Camping Union's homepage. Fill out a booking form, which you can use until you receive your plastic-card permit by mail. This permit is valid for the current year and will have a mark that states which year it is. Remember to bring your temporary permit when you continue your journey.

Horseback Riding Centres at Hvide Sande and the North Sea

There are plenty of opportunities for going horseback riding with your family here 

Sun Protection

The risk of being burned by the sun is higher near water, because there is no shelter and because the saltwater combined with the reflection of sunbeams from the sand and the water is not good for your skin; so remember sunscreen lotion and a hat if you're going to spend a whole day at the beach and want to be able to enjoy your day.  

Make a Kite

When you're standing on the top of a dune with the wind in your hair and your eyes pointed to the skies towards odd shapes in strong colors and with long tails, rising and falling and twisting in the wind before crashing into the sand, then you'd wish you had a kite of your own; hurry back to your holiday home and construct a kite; or buy one at the kite shop.  

Castles with towers and moats

Castles with Towers and Moats

Beautiful and strange stones, some pretty shells, a couple of sticks, some leftover fishing net, and some driftwood; add a bit of imagination and an afternoon at the beach.
This is how the most amazing structures with towers, cornices, moats, and harbours are created. Eventually, a wave will come along and fill the moats and harbours with water; and sometimes a wave will be a bit bigger and you will have to start building all over again.


 Because of the great wind and water conditions by the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord most of our surf guests come here to windsurf.

A lot of surfers surf by Hvide Sande or Bork Harbour. In Ringkøbing Fjord by Hvide Sande, you can touch sand bottom up to half a kilometer out on the fjord. Therefore the area is very suitable for watersports beginners.