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Beach Services in Søndervig

Church beach services in Søndervig

These services gather crowds for a unique experience; maybe you will be able to digest your day here in the beautiful scenery. There are no chairs here; you bring your own blanket or pillow and you are also welcome to bring snacks and maybe a cup of coffee.

Mammals in Western Jutland

A herd of red deer or roe deer grazing in the pasture right next to the woods is a breathtaking sight, which you can find in the Ringkøbing Fjord area.



The coastal meadows and wetlands in the Hvide Sande area are particularly important for the thousands of waterfowls who use the area as resting, breeding, and feeding grounds. For example, you can find duck species such as teal, wigeon, mallard, and goldeneye. In terms of geese, the dominant species are the Pink-footed Goose, the Greylag Goose, the Brentgoose, and the Barnacle Goose. 

Nymindegab - the Original Skagen

Nymindegab - the Original Skagen

In the years around the early 20th century, the area by Nymindegab was regarded as more exotic than Italy and it was only accessible through a sanded track. Western Jutland was generally considered a distant and impassable area, which attracted a lot of artists. One of them was Laurits Tuxen, also known as one of the Skagen painters, who portrayed local people working.

Beauty and wellness

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Videbæk: The Town on the Jutland Heath

Videbæk is a relatively new town that has become a busy place with all sorts of commerce, art, and culture. 

Bed & Breakfasts in Skjern and Tarm

In Skjern and Tarm you can choose between a lot of cozy Bed and Breakfasts. 

Fishing at the harbour Bork Havn

Fishing at the Harbour 'Bork Havn'

The conditions for fishing are ideal at the harbour Bork Havn and in Ringkøbing Fjord in general. 

Bed & Breakfast | Private Accommodation | Hvide Sande

Cosy Bed & Breakfasts and private accomodation in Hvide Sande

Booking a Room at a B&B

If you choose a B&B, you will arrive at a place of accommodation, where everything is just waiting for you. In several B&Bs breakfast is included, and everywhere the owners are always ready to help with anything and everything. Find the owners on this website and book/contact them directly. Most of the owners speak English or German.

Checklist for Houseboats

You will find houseboats several places in Hvide Sande and Bork Harbour. In practical terms a houseboat should be considered a holiday home, and you have to bring the same items as you would in a holiday home.

Things to remember regarding your holiday house

Things to Remember regarding your Holiday Home

Bring your booking confirmation (be sure to check the dates). Here you can also find arrival and departure times; it is important to keep these times. 

Normally, there will be toilet paper and kitchen towels to last you the first day of your stay; you should bring or buy some for the remaining days. 

Linens is not included in the price, but it can be ordered against payment. 

Traces of history at heath Dejbjerg Hede

Historical Remnants at Dejbjerg Hede

Dejbjerg Hede and Dejbjerg Plantage is a vast interconnected nature area north of the village of Dejbjerg. Apart from diversified nature with forests, heaths and bogs with plenty of paths, this area is also full of exciting tales about human life from the iron age and onwards.

Jogging on the Beach

A daily jog on the beach is one of the best ways to exercise. Nature here is impressive and ever changing. The sea and the skies change their appearance each hour of the day; in the morning, when the sun is in the east, the ocean seems bright, clear, and very refreshing; later in the day, the waves bring more darkblue and green colours; and in the evening, when the sun sets in the horizon, the sky is ablaze with yellow, orange, and red colors.