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Sand Migration

Sand migration can be very destructive to vegetation, either because it becomes buried in sand or because the roots of the vegetation lose their grip. On the other hand, some vegetation keeps sand from migrating, if the plants get the time to put down their roots before a storm comes.

Nymindegab - the Original Skagen

Nymindegab - the Original Skagen

In the years around the early 20th century, the area by Nymindegab was regarded as more exotic than Italy and it was only accessible through a sanded track. Western Jutland was generally considered a distant and impassable area, which attracted a lot of artists. One of them was Laurits Tuxen, also known as one of the Skagen painters, who portrayed local people working.

Local Artists

In Ringkøbing, one of the major works of art was made by a local artist; the sculpture Kuben (The Cube) dominates the roundabout in the eastern part of town. The Cube was made by Henrik Have and he calls the sculpture Hezekiel's Footstool.

The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

The Unique Light by the Sea and the Fjord

Hvide Sande and the 30 km long strip of land called Holmsland Klit is flanked by the fjord on one side and the sea on the other side. The water and the white dunes and beaches reflect the light in many directions and create a particularly soft and bright atmosphere. Combined with the raw and wild forces of nature that the western winds and the roaring waves are, this is an almost magical thing to experience.  

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Checklist for Houseboats

You will find houseboats several places in Hvide Sande and Bork Harbour. In practical terms a houseboat should be considered a holiday home, and you have to bring the same items as you would in a holiday home.