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Wild Horses

These wild and untameable horses have turned out to be helpful in maintaining meadows and grasslands because they eat both dry grasses and heather. That means that they keep the vegetation short trimmed, which provides space for wild flowers and other vegetation.

The Gold of the North

In Denmark, there aren’t any diamonds or rubies to be found in underground mines. On the other hand, you will find the ‘gold of the North’ here, hidden deep in the North Sea, which spurts out these little treasures during autumn storms and deposits them along the coast line. 
Maries Madbutik (food shop)

Maries Madbutik (food shop)

Maries Madbutik (food shop) is somewhat of an institution in Ringkøbing; or maybe Marie is the institution. The fine lines of her face, brought on by a thousand smiles, and her philosophical approach to life’s unpredictability and diversity tell the story of a cook who has had a rich life.

The Great Guestbook of Denmark

Would you like your friends and family to receive a different kind of postcard, telling them about your best holiday experiences in Søndervig, Hvide Sande, and the general area?  That will be possible from August 6th to September 13th in SuperBest in Søndervig where ‘The Great Guestbook of Denmark’ will be located.

Beach Services in Søndervig

Church beach services in Søndervig

These services gather crowds for a unique experience; maybe you will be able to digest your day here in the beautiful scenery. There are no chairs here; you bring your own blanket or pillow and you are also welcome to bring snacks and maybe a cup of coffee.

Kulturfestival Bølgen

Shockwave in Hvide Sande

Shock in Hvide Sande
Shock Wave marks the beginning of a two month festival in Mid and West Jutland. At the opening a selection of stars will perform in the different stages; rappers will perform with classical musicians, and professionals will perform with amateurs.

Culinary Market

These products benefit both locals and tourists, and the association makes a huge effort to market them, on networking, and on timing and launching the annua market, which travels around the fjord and is held in Hvide Sande this year.

The Homeless in Ringkøbing

The Homeless in Ringkøbing

The figures are made of bronze by Jens Galschiøt and they have been borrowed from him by the city of Ringkøbing.

In Ringkøbing you can also see Jens Galschiøt’s sculpture ’Survival of the fattest’ or ’Fat Lady’ in the harbor which Ringkøbing has bought.

The eight sculptures are part of the group Ending Homelessness (2010-2013) of 13 figures in 1:1 size. They have travelled all over Europe and have been exhibited in the European parliament.

Ten Tips for a Low Budget Vacation in Søndervig

A Low Budget Vacation in Søndervig

There is ample opportunity to participate in activities that don’t overwhelm your budget. Here are some suggestions:

10 Tips for a Great Vacation in Søndervig

10 Tips for a Great Vacation in Søndervig

There is plenty of opportunity to have a great vacation here. When you go out you can:

Shopping in Tarm

For centuries, traders, hagglers, cattle drivers, and travelers followed a network of cattle driving roads along the western coast of Jutland. The cattle roads from Limfjorden’s pastures to the markets in Schleswig-Holstein tracked through desert West Jutland heaths, inland dunes, impassable bogs and river dales.

Rules and regulations when you bring your dog to Denmark

Rules and Regulations when you bring Your Dog to Denmark

 When you bring your dog to Denmark it must have a passport, it must be vaccinated for rabies, and it must have an ID-tag.

Passports for dogs:
- Your vet can issue your dog's passport when he vaccinates it for rabies.

Pet Store

Pet Stores

Gifts for our four-legged friends

Accommodation in Videbæk

Find accommodation in Videbæk

The Lignite Mining Adventure in Videbæk

When Denmark experienced a serious energy crises during WWII, lignite was called 'the brown gold'; the huge lignite mines east of Videbæk became a massive economic influence on the entire area. 
Mining for lignite is a hard and dirty job, but for those willing to do the work there was money to be made. Many young male workers lived and worked in the area, dreaming of buying a place of their own and raising a family some day.

Outings in Videbæk

Go on a family outing in Videbæk 

Activities in Videbæk

Cycling on Rails is a Hit
In Videbæk there are many historical remnants from the railroad's glory days; especially the railroad-bicycles on the closed railroad are an asset to Videbæk's citizens and its visitors. 
The railroad museum Videbæk-Skjern Veteran- og Modeljernbane has fifteen railroad-bicycles at the old station Herborg. You can rent these bikes at the grocery store in Astrup.