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West Jutland's Art Pavilion - Arne Haugen Sørensen Museum

The Art Pavillon - Arne Haugen Sørensen Museum in Videbæk was designed by the famous Danish architect Henning Larsen who was born in Opsund West of Videbæk. He saw here, in the first of his life, the special Jutland lighting conditions.

Henning Larsen has also designed and used the light in buildings in particular Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Spain, Sweden, United States and, not least, in the Copenhagen Opera House.

Open daily at 13.00 pm till 17.00 pm - except Mondays are closed. Likewise, there are closed five days between each exhibition for the removal and installation of a new exhibition. These periods can be found in the events calendar ( http://www.vestjyllandskunstpavillon.dk/Aktivitetskalender-VK )

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Henning Larsens Vej 3
6920 Videbæk


+45 9717 2879




Longitude : 8.6227336864
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